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FETC 2014 AR and Aurasma Presentation

BfO87afIAAAVFBoThis week has been a blast here in Orlando, FL attending the FETC Conference.  I have been to many local and state conferences, but this big national conference, by far, as been this most informative I’ve ever attended.  I have really enjoyed meeting so many new people and Twitter-ers I follow.  Some of my favorites that I have run into are @TechMinock, @Techbradwaid, @cybraryman1, and TONS more.

My favorite part of the week was being honored to present a concurrent session!  First ever national conference, and I was able to present!  So Awesome!  For my presentation, I showed many different Augmented Reality Apps and concluded with showing the fully customizable Aurasma App.  If you’d liked to check out my presentation with all the videos and How To links, check it out here:  Augmented Reality in Education.  Is it Real? or below!

Click Here for my Aurasma 101 How To Directions

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