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Book Report Movie Trailers

5th graders at Carver Elementary in Mrs. Atkinson’s class have been working on their 2nd Nine Weeks’ Book Reports. For part of their final project, each student made a Movie Trailer about their book using iMovie.

For the first day of the project, we went through the Project Rubric, so they understood how they will be graded. Afterwards, the students used a Storyboard Template to help tell their “persuasive mini story.” Within their storyboard, the students had to choose where they wanted to add images to enhance their Movie Trailers. After we finished the storyboard, the students used the Britannica Images Website to find the images for their project.

The next day, the students used iMovie and their storyboards to help build their Movie Trailers. For each slide of text, the students used the text slides, and then dragged their pictures to their location on the storyboard. Once this was finished, the students picked their background music for the project. This is one of my favorite parts about teaching this project because it shows how important background music can be in enhancing or detracting the viewer from wanting to watch their movie. The first video I showed the students was a Night at the Museum Trailer with “spooky-ish” music, and then I showed the students the same trailer with “Hawaiian” music. The students really enjoyed and understood how important music can be. Here are the two videos I showed the students. The third video is an awesome finished product from Eric. Great job!!

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