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Video Story Problem #1

Write a word problem for this video. Most creative wins $25!


  1. Mr.hart
    Mr.hart buys 5 flowers.then he buys 5 more.then he buys 5 more.then he buys 5 more.then he buys 5 more and thats all he is going to buy! how many in all?

  2. Mr. Hart-
    A new restaurant was opened and there were 5 tables. Each table had 5 chairs. How many tables and chairs are there in all?

  3. Mr.Hart-
    I have a little rhyme to remember 5×5.
    While Jill was learning how to drive her dad asked her what’s 5×5. She slowed down tried not to squeal and kept her hands upon the wheel. She said oh dad just watch me drive I’ll keep my speed at ?.

  4. Mr. Hart

    Mr. Hart lost his balance and he dropped his gumballs. He knew he had 25 total so he wanted to make sure none rolled away. He was late for a meeting so he quickly made 5 groups of 5 to be sure he had all 25.

  5. Dear Mr.Hart,
    If there are 5 groups of pandas in the food court and in each group there are 5 pandas then fifteen pandas go to a party with bamboo snacks and a disco ball.How many are left?

  6. Mr. Hart

    My word problem is this, Roberto made 5 groups of 5 he took away 2 out of all the groups then added 3 more agin he took away 1 out of all of them and added 4 what is the multiplacation problem and the answer.


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