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Multiplication Array Chart


  1. What are the kids writing on the piece of paper? Are those the answers? This looks cool! More instruction please

    • Oh never mind, I see now! They have done arrays! This rocks! I will be doing this next year! Thanks for amazing ideas!

  2. What dimensions did you use for this chart? I understand it is 10 x 10, I am wondering if each box is the size of a 10×10 centimeter cube size? Like the size of a flat if you are using base-ten blocks?

    • We just used bulletin board paper and drew a big grid from 1-10 on each side. The students then made mini-arrays for each multiplication problem 1×1 through 10×10 using graphing paper. They cut out their array and taped it to the chart out in the hallway.

    • It is a large Array Chart where I had students tape up all the different multiplication arrays from 1×1 to 10×10 to help visualize the multiplication they were learning.

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