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Civics QR Code Scavenger Hunt

All of our kindergarten and 1st grade classes received 4 iPads per class to use with their students this year. These iPads have so many great Apps that our county downloaded for the teachers to use already. Yesterday, the K-1 teachers actually got all four iPads, so I put on my biggest smile and asked to borrow 6 of them for this lesson.

ClassTool.net has an awesome QR Code Scavenger Hunt idea. All I had to do was insert all the questions and answers into the
QR Code Website, and it automatically generated the QR Codes for me to cut out and tape up around school.

I created this Answer Document that the students carried around with them while they traveled from question to question. This was my class’s first real group activity, and they did an awesome job working together as a group. I can’t wait to use this resource again!


  1. What a super cool activity! I am sooooo jealous that you guys have iPads! I would love to have one! Way to be cuttting edge, Springers!
    -Beth Armbruster (Alex’s mom)

  2. Hi Mr. Hart – this looked like such a fun activity and what a great learning experience. I am sorry Darby missed this one (due to being sick) but we are so excited to see what other great experiences you have in store for the class.


    • I was sad that Darby missed it too! I let her know that we will be doing lots more fun stuff, so not to worry. Thanks for check out our blog!
      Mr. Hart

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