Make a Cameo with Vimeo

It’s been over a month since my last post. Boo. What a great day to get my next post out there though! My day was just made today!! I can’t wait to make a Cameo with Vimeo!

A couple months ago, my man Doug Saunders ran across a cool app called YouTube Capture. You basically download this app on any iOS device, and you can easily capture, edit, and share videos on your YouTube account.  As cool as this app is, YouTube is blocked on my district’s server. I quickly retweeted Doug’s initial tweet about his blog post jonesing for Vimeo to come up with their own app:

Vimeo is not blocked on my district’s network which makes it really easy to quickly make and share videos with students in the classroom. Minutes later, I got a reply from the Vimeo Staff: (This is one of the many reasons why I exclusively use my Vimeo Pro Account for all my video uploads and shares.)

cameo2Little did I know, Vimeo had bought the Cameo App, one of Apple’s best Apps of 2013, back in March 2014, and today, I got an amazing email from Vimeo stating they had updated the App making “Cameo & Vimeo officially BFFs.” Not only does this update include Vimeo integration, but there are all kinds of themes and a redesigned soundtrack selection experience to help make awesome videos.

I seriously cannot wait to start making movies either recording videos directly in the app or choosing pre-recorded videos in the Photo Collection already on my phone. One of my favorite parts about the app: It prevents people from suffering from Vertical Video Syndrome!


Resources from the “Hart”

Its been a big week for me professionally! Earlier this week I accepted a Resource Teacher Admin position at Fair Oaks Elementary. I am overly excited for this opportunity, but I know I will truly miss working with all of my teachers from my five schools: Carver, Echo Lake, Johnson, Seven Pines, and Three Chopt.  It has been an awesome time over the past few years getting to know and learn from them all.

techie bunchEven harder will be leaving my most amazing team of ITRTs, the Techy Bunch. I have grown leaps and bounds as an educator because of their incredible talents that surround me.  The memories of research, laughs, collaboration, laughs, creativity, laughs, problem solving, and more laughs, will be inspiring times that I cherish forever. My only regret is I only experienced the love for two years.

Thank you for all for making my experience as an ITRT a positive and enlightening one.  I look forward to keeping up with all the amazing things you all do, and continuing to learn from you! With that being said, Mr. Hart’s ITRT Blog has been officially reborn into Resources from the Hart.  I can’t wait to continue to share all the great resources I come across and share all the projects my future Fair Oaks’ students create in the coming years!

The Dells are Here–Let the Trainings Begin!

Excited, Nervous, Fear, Wonder… These are all feelings I’m sure many of you had or will have this week as you receive your new Dell, and it’s OK!!  We will get through this crazy, fun process, and do some amazing things with our students in the coming year.  I can’t wait to figure out and learn all the new things that can be accomplished with this new tool.  “But Tyler, when are the trainings?  I need to figure this out.”  GOOD NEWS!  Summer Dell Trainings have been posted on ERO!  Yay!  There are 26 sessions on 12 different dates throughout the summer to give you plenty of opportunities!  All sessions will be four hours, and they will be paid!  You only need to sign up for one of these session because they will all be the same.  If you are looking for more than just this one session you can also register for the Elementary Technology Conference on August 12th—ERO Number: 20142921301—Hurry to sign up!  There are only 300 spots available for the conference, and we are already at 150 participants after 2 days of being open for sign ups!!

Simply follow these directions to sign up:
1.  Go to (at school, connect to Ethernet—at home you don’t have to)
2.  Log in with your Henrico Email and Password credentials
3.  Go to Course Catalog –> View Schedule Calendar
4.  Pick the date on the calendar that you are looking for, and register for the session
5.  Get ready to have a DELL-tasic Fun!

Here are the dates and number of classes offered on each date:
6/25 (2 Classes)
7/1 (2 Classes)
7/8 (2 Classes)
7/9 (1 Class)
7/15 (2 Classes)
7/16 (2 Classes)
7/22 (2 Classes)
7/23 (2 Classes)
7/29 (2 Classes)
7/31 (2 Classes)
8/7 (4 Classes)
8/12 (Elem Tech Conference)
8/21 (4 Classes)

HCPS Elementary Tech Conference!

techIt’s that time of the year! The HCPS Elementary Technology Conference is right around the corner. Mark your calendars now! August 12th, 2014! We are in need of teacher experts to present. We’re looking for you to convey your knowledge of 21st century skills. We are looking for presenters from all education professionals representing different content areas and specialties, as well as industry and technology experts.

  • Help fill the information gap for educators looking for collaborative strategies, inventive techniques and engaging applications to enhance learning and improve student performance and engagement.
  • Share successful classroom practices, creative teaching and learning solutions, research, policies and products that show emerging promise for K-12 education and the evolving role of technology.

By sharing your successful practices that transform learning for all students, you can help inspire and encourage other educators and administrators to creatively deploy technologies and expand the possibilities of learning through educational technology.

Click the link below to submit a lesson proposal.
Rumor Has It: Your Getting a Dell: Lesson Proposal Link

Stay tuned by visiting:

We hope to from you soon!
The Elementary ITRTS

Dell Migration – Back ‘Dat Mac Up!

Back, Back, Back it up!! There are a few different ways to transfer files from your Mac to the new Dell. Everyone has their preference as to which way is “the best.” In a future post, we will discuss the best ways for converting files, but for this post, rock star ITRT, Jim Covais, details 5 different ways to specifically backup your files from your Mac, so you can transfer them over to your Dell. Choose the way that is best for you. If you need help with any of these please contact me. I’m here to help.

The first thing you will need to do before you transfer your files, is determine how big your files are. Click on the file or folder one time. Now click File > Get Info

Here are the different file sizes from smallest to largest:
KB > MB > GB > TB

Ways to Transfer Your Files

Flash Drive
Flash Drives work on both a Mac and Dell. This would be the best option for you if the size of your files is relatively small. The price of flash drives have come down dramatically. I just checked Walmart’s website and I found a 32GB flash drive for $20.48.

Just connect the flash drive and drag the files you want to the drive. Now connect it to the Dell and drag the files to the Desktop, super easy!

External Hard Drive
External Hard drives work on both a Mac and a Dell. When buying one make sure it is compatible with Windows and Mac. This is a great option for those of you that have a lot of files. Another quick search on Walmart’s website showed a 500GB external hard drive for $51.99.

Just connect the external hard drive to the Dell to have it connect.  When you first connect to your Mac, you may need to download a program to format it to the Mac.  Once finished, simply drag the files you want to the drive. Now connect it to the Dell and drag the files to the Desktop.

Dropbox is useful to have not only for transferring files but to backup important documents. When you create a free account with dropbox a program is installed on your computer that creates a folder called “Dropbox.” Anything placed in this folder is automatically uploaded to The really cool thing about Dropbox is that if you install the program on another computer the files appears on that computer as well automatically.

The basic free account starts with only 2GB. The space can be increased by performing a variety of tasks, with no cost to you. Click Here for a free Dropbox account.

Box works similar to Dropbox. The biggest difference is that Box is offering 50GB of space. I know I didn’t believe it at first when Tyler Hart told me. Go to Box today and sign up.

Google Drive
Google Drive is by far my favorite way to transfer and backup files. All HCPS employees have a Google Drive account with 30GB of space. That’s 15 times larger than the standard Dropbox account. Just go to to get started. Make sure you sign in with your Henrico account and not your personal gmail account.

Google drive is similar to Dropbox in the sense that you can download the program and it will create a folder on your computer called “Google Drive.” Anything placed in this folder is automatically uploaded to Google Drive online. The really cool thing about Google Drive is that if you install the program on another computer the files appears on that computer as well automatically.

Google Drive has many other features including creating and editing documents. Any Google document does not count towards your 30GB space.

These are five great ways to backup and transfer your documents. Remember I along with the rest of the ITRT team are to help you through this process. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need anything.

Students to Soldiers: “You are Not Forgotten!”

Three Chopt Elementary teacher, Mrs. Bailey, has been doing a lot with her students during the school year for our troops overseas! Its truly amazing to see the students’ thoughtfulness, inquiry, and heartfelt passion for learning and wanting to give back. The following is a project that Mrs. Bailey has just completed in time for Memorial Day!

Guest Blog Post from Brettany Bailey:

Last fall students wrote letters to veterans in November for Veteran’s Day. During the activity, students were very excited and dedicated to writing personal letters to our soldiers and/or family members who have served. When I realized how emotional and interested they were about supporting our troops, I wanted to allow the kids to do more. I began looking into community service opportunities and found a non-profit, non-partisan, grass-roots organization that has provided an enormous amount of support for our military. When I contacted the organization, Operation Give, they were very excited to work with us!

Over the last few months, students have written a tribute song for soldiers still overseas, letters and posters for veterans, and donated toys to Operation Give for soldiers to distribute to the children of Iraq. We have held open ended discussions about what life would be like growing up in war and tyranny without a toy store close by. This whole community service project has been heart warming and fulfilling. The students love getting involved and feeling like they are making difference! These kids teach me the meaning of love and appreciation everyday. Check out our Memorial Day Tribute Video:

Dell Migration – What? No iPhoto?!

no iphotoAnother of the most frequent questions about the Dell Migration process has been “What is going to happen with my photos? Are they going to my Dell?” The answer is YES!

This migration does provide you with a great opportunity to organize your photos and delete ones you don’t need anymore. I recommend putting your personal photos on a thumb drive and uploading them on your personal computer at home.  The more pictures on your new Dell, the slower it will be. Therefore, start fresh and just bring the pictures that are essential for your daily instruction to your new school computer.

How to get your pictures onto your Dell??? There are several ways to do it, but here is a quick and easy solution.

1 – Open your iPhoto on your Mac
2 – Organize your pictures in Albums. This will help you delete the “old” ones.
3 – Once you have created all you Albums in iPhoto, plug in your thumb drive
4 – Drag your Albums onto your thumb drive
5 – Insert your thumb drive into you Dell
6 – On your dell, click Computer –> Libraries –> Pictures –>, My Photos –> and then drag your Albums from your thumb drive into this area.

Boom goes the dynamite! That’s it!

If you are looking for online sharing options, I recommend Picasa, Comemories, Mixbook, Flipsnack, and Shutterfly.


Thanks to my man RTStizzle, Ryan Stein, for today’s guest blog post!

I use this… Now I will use this.

mac to dellI know one of the biggest worries teachers are having in our Dell Migration is “What programs and applications am I going to be using now?” Many of the applications teachers use are online, so this doesn’t affect anything. If you can get on the internet, you’re good to go! That being said, there are many programs that are on the Macs, that teachers (and students!) love to use. “Will we have these programs? If we don’t have that program, what do I do now?!”

NO WORRIES! I have created a document to walk you through the most commonly used programs on our Macs, and what will be the corresponding program to use on the new Dell. Click the Link Below to Access. Don’t see a program you’re looking for? Let me know, and I will find the alternative and update the document!

I use this… Now I will use this

Dell Migration – Transferring iTunes Music

The Dell Migration tips continue!. If you missed the last post about backing up your bookmarks, go check it out. You’ll find that it’s an easy process and not as complicated as you thought it might be.

Today’s migration tip focuses on transferring your iTunes library from your Mac to your new Dell. When you follow these steps your whole library of music will be on your Dell. Depending on how much music you have in your iTunes library will determine how long this process will take. Another point to note. These directions will ensure you won’t lose any music. If they only music you own on your iTunes was purchased with your iTunes account, you will simply be able to log into your iTunes account on your Dell, and your music should still be there because it is stored in your iCloud. If you have music that you have put on your iTunes from CDs or in other ways, you will need to follow the directions below to complete backup all your music.

Click here for directions on how to transfer your iTunes Library.