Blood Drive October 2012

Our Fall blood drive was held on Wednesday, October 24th from 3:00 to 7:00 in Randolph Cafeteria.  Thanks to the effort of the teachers, staff  and community members who came out, TMS was able to collect 26 units. Our donation will be able to help save up to 78  lives!   Thank you to Scott Barrett for organizing this event and to all of the TMS community for showing your Patriot spirit and helping in such a worthy  cause!


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Kony Updates

I would like to know if you will let our school, Tuckahoe Middle, when you capture Kony?

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How can I get involved with the Washington D.C event?  Are Tuckahoe Middle School going? What time do we leave?  How do we get there?

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How can I help?

Hi. I was wondering if there is any way I could help with Kony 2012. I can’t go to D.C but I really want to do something to help, what can I do?

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Student Art on Display

The Billboard Art Project is a non-profit organization that acquires digital billboards and uses them as roadside galleries. Projects are held in cities all over the country and are open to all interested individuals and groups. This year, the organizers invited Richmond area art students, grades K-12, to include their work.  TMS student 8th grader, Anja Armbruster submitted a watercolor. Hundreds of works will be exhibited throughout the month of April. The billboard is located off the west side of interstate 195. The side where art will be showing faces south and can be seen by north bound traffic on the left side. Anja’s work will be shown starting on Monday, April 9 through Friday April 13 at the following approximate times 2:26 AM, 8:26 AM, 2:26 PM, 8:26 PM; and on Saturday/Sunday, April 14-15 at approximately 4:20 AM, 12:20 PM, and 8:20 PM.  It will be shown for only 1 minute each time.

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Rachel’s Challenge at TMS

Rachel Scott was the first person killed at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. Her acts of kindness and compassion coupled with the contents of her six diaries have become the foundation for one of the most life-changing school programs in America.

Tuckahoe’s student body watched the powerful video and audio footage of Rachel’s life and the Columbine tragedy  intended to motivate them to positive change in the way they treat others. This has since been followed by Mentoring Moments every Monday morning, to continue building the “want to”, and the “how to” for positive change. The weekly sessions review the “how to” and ensure  that the positive impact will continue. Students have proven that they will respond with positive words, attitudes, and actions. We hope that TMS will never be the same after being exposed to Rachel’s Challenge!

The early Mentoring Moments focused on Rachel’s essay, and a later discussion included how to embrace a diverse population.  Read one group’s comments on friendship (click the Mentor moments link above).

Learn more about Rachel’s Challenge.


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Invisible Children

TMS students were encouraged to show their support for the Invisible Children in Central Africa, because there are middle school aged students in Congo being kidnapped and trained to be child soldiers. TMS partnered with students and individuals around the world to bring awareness to this campaign by participating in 25 hours of silence on Monday, April 25, 2011.

On October 26, 2011 representatives of the Invisible Children project visited TMS with a powerful video presentation, and a question-answer session led by volunteers and natives of the countries suffering these cruelties.

To download a PowerPoint presentation, click Invisible Children  to learn more about this humanitarian effort.

Learn more about the Invisible Children program here.

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Barnes & Noble Bookfair

Tuckahoe at Barnes and Noble - view our first TMS commercial

Oliver Collier, with WTMS productions, made a commercial to encourage student participation at the TMS weekend at Barnes and Noble at Libbie Place on Board Street. Parents were invited to the Principal’s Coffee there, and some made Barnes and Noble their lunchtime stop to enjoy lunch and a discussion with Mr. Brown about the middle school hurdles. Students were invited to jump rope in front of the store and receive a free running pass. After jumping, stayed to enjoy Open Mic Night.

A portion of everything purchased on Friday and Saturday, even food and drinks,  supported Tuckahoe Middle School.

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