AMAZING SENSORY WALL – Donated to us by Alex Sellers

Take a look at the pictures.

This wall was donated to us by Alex Sellers.

Alex a former Shady Grove Elementary student, became interested in working with our students after he was invited to support the children in our class at Little Feet Meet, during his 5th grade year. Since leaving Shady Grove he has been welcomed back to the classroom on a regular weekly basis as a volunteer. Alex has supported the students in various lessons and activities over the years.

Alex raised donations for materials, then gave his time to constructing this wall as part of his Eagle Scout project.

This wall accentuates the true talent of Alex Sellers. His commitment to the children and understanding of them. are truly demonstrated through the care and attention he gave in making this.

THANK YOU, Alex for all that you have done and continue to do for us.

IMG_5410     IMG_5413




What have we done this year?

                We learned about America

      American flag           Bald eagle

Washington monument                   Statue of liberty

(see projects for more detail)

We made habitats for our fish

Fish Habitat Rohan 2       Fish Habitat 2 Fish habitat 1




We read stories to our friends

CA pic 5         Province reading to our class

We gazed into the Solar System

Uranus Saturn 2 Jupiter Neptune

 We competed at Little Feet Meet

Little Feet

 We danced at the Jingle Bell Jam

rr jingle bell jam

  We got spooked by pumpkins


(see projects for more detail)

We learned how to use our schedules

schedule 1