Mar 12

Blogging makes writing fun!

Be Amazed by Student Writing with HCPS Blogs

Did you know you have a HCPS teacher blog? Did you know that students can have their own HCPS blog as well? Attend PD with Joy to learn more, or use the resources below to get started.

Why blog?

  • Blogs are organized chronologically by default, which could be a good tool for documenting student growth
  • You can make a blog post for your students in the amount of time it takes to update one homework board on HCPSlink
  • Students can manage blogs while you operate as a facilitative instructor
  • Student motivation to write is likely to increase when they write for a larger audience
  • Everything a child posts on an HCPS blog is tracked and has their name attached
  • Shy students may ‘come out of their shell’ because they tend to be more communicative when the medium of communication is electronic