Apr 13

PD: A Slew of Review for You!

Technology-Enhanced Review Activities

This training session will provide an opportunity for teachers to explore multiple strategies and tools for helping students review for upcoming assessments. Each item on this post links to a set of instructions for the item mentioned.


  • QuizShow – Students use ExamView banks to play this game on their computers. Note – must download QuizShow from the software center first.
  • Quia Games – requires activation key from ITRT.
  • Jeopardy Labs – create free Jeopardy style games.
  • Bubba Brain – Ready made review games by subject
  • Pro Profs – Create your own review games
  • Zondle – Create a free account and make your own games
  • Link to many other online review games


  • Podcasts – Students can listen to and/or record review podcasts that they can listen to with their MP3 players by using Audacity
  • Movies – same idea as the podcast, but with visuals in MovieMaker

Web 2.0 Tools

A list of other review activities that can be completed with online (Web 2.0) tools.

  • Quizlet – Create flashcards that students can use with the Quizlet app on their smartphone
  • TestSoup – Flashcards for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Andriod
  • Zen.Do – Paste in your notes and easily create flashcards

Teacher Lead Review


Mar 12

Blogging makes writing fun!

Be Amazed by Student Writing with HCPS Blogs

Did you know you have a HCPS teacher blog? Did you know that students can have their own HCPS blog as well? Attend PD with Joy to learn more, or use the resources below to get started.

Why blog?

  • Blogs are organized chronologically by default, which could be a good tool for documenting student growth
  • You can make a blog post for your students in the amount of time it takes to update one homework board on HCPSlink
  • Students can manage blogs while you operate as a facilitative instructor
  • Student motivation to write is likely to increase when they write for a larger audience
  • Everything a child posts on an HCPS blog is tracked and has their name attached
  • Shy students may ‘come out of their shell’ because they tend to be more communicative when the medium of communication is electronic



Feb 03



Blendspace– makes it easy for teachers to organize and share educational materials in a visually pleasing format. This tool can be great for flipped classrooms or for student projects, portfolios and assessments. On Blendspace teachers and students can arrange videos, links, images, and files into each blendspace.


About Blendspace Handout

Jan 28

Diigo – Social Bookmarking


Diigo – just might become your new favorite research tool! Diigo is an online bookmarking site which enables students to add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks of web documents. Now with the Chrome Diigo extension, teachers and students can easily create bookmarks that can be accessed on any device.


Jan 21

Thinglink: Interactive Online Posters


Students and teachers can turn any image into an interactive, media-rich online poster by using ThingLink. You can create ‘hotspots’ where you add text, embed video, record audio, or link to any website. This tool can be used to create instructional tools or as a creative, fun student assessment.

Direction Downloads:

Video Tutorials:

Oct 22

Digital Portfolio Creation PD Session

Looking for a great, easy way to showcase your student’s work? How about a method that could qualify you for exemplary status with your teacher evaluation? Well, a student portfolio blog might be the answer for you adn you can attend training on this topic with Joy! Every teacher and student in Henrico can have their own blog, which can be an excellent way to create digital student portfolios. Most importantly, research shows that digital portfolios benefit students in a variety of ways including:

  • Portfolios give students ownership to students over their learning when it is displayed publicly
  • Portfolios provide students an opportunity to develop their own voice when showcasing their hard work
  • Portfolios facilitates reflective learning and meta-cognition
  • Portfolios give students a sense of belonging
  • Portfolios teach students excellent digital citizenship

Direction Downloads:

In-Person Training Schedule:

Training sessions are held during teacher planning periods in Joy’s office. RSVP to the electronic invites to these sessions when they appear in your Outlook inbox. Session times are typically 8:35, 10:05, 1:05 and 1:50. Teachers can earn relicensure points, which can be documented using this form.

  • October 23, 2014
  • November 20, 2014
  • December 11, 2014



Oct 14

Intro to Google Classroom PD Session

Google Classroom is like a modernized version of SchoolSpace that involves a lot less work when it comes to distributing and collecting assignments. Say goodbye to dropbox woes in and say hello to easy grading in Google Classroom! Classroom will:
• Help you communicate with your students easily.
• Streamline documents sharing students.
• Streamline student submission of work.
• Allow for easy, instant electronic feedback.
• Help students manage and access class resources.

Direction Downloads:

Video Tutorials:




Oct 07

Schoolspace Secure Assessments PD Session

This week’s staff development opportunity focused on electronic testing methods. In this session, teachers will learn how to publish ExamView tests into the secure testing environment in Schoolspace. You can begin exploring these featured with this document: SS_Assessments_From_EVP.

A new feature will will cover is exporting assessment grades into Powerschool. The steps for this can be found here.

Oct 01

ActivEngage PD Session

ActivEngage is a part of Promethean’s ActivInspire software that provides users with a virtual responder that can be used to help drive and/or assess instruction.  It features 3 types of questioning –  Express Poll, Question Manager, and Self-Paced Learning.

Direction Downloads:

Video Tutorials:

Starting an ActivEngage 2 Session (For Secondary Teachers):

Starting an ActivEngage2 Session – For Teachers from HCPS Instructional Technology on Vimeo.

Connecting to an ActivEngage 2 Session (For Secondary Students):

Connecting to an ActivEngage2 Session – For Students from HCPS Instructional Technology on Vimeo.

Registering Students in ActivOffice: You can register students in ActivOffice without opening ActivInspire! Here’s how:

This feature is currently unavailable as of 9/25/2013. This feature will be made available once again later this school year.

ActivOffice Device Registration from HCPS Instructional Technology on Vimeo.


Mar 05

Infographics made easy

Add Sizzle to your Charts with Piktochart Inforgraphics

Infographics have gained popularity and can be found in contemporary journalism, advertising, and marketing. These captivating visuals used to require a great deal of talent and time, but Piktochart is a site that makes this process a breeze! Using infographic templates on Piktochart, students and teachers can create beautiful and interesting data visualizations in online poster form. This can be a great way to create helpful classroom aides and it can be a great way for students to demonstrate their learning in all subject areas.