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The Deadline for AP Research Tasks is Approaching Faster than You Think

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The QUEST Model is crucial to the Capstone courses. The written papers and oral presentations are based off this model. Picture taken from:

The AP Capstone Program consists of two courses, AP Seminar and AP Research, taught by Mr. Towslee and Mr. Zelenak, respectively. For AP Research, students must submit their performance tasks (a written paper and oral presentation) by April 30th. This year, students are doing projects ranging from topics on how exposure to nature affects teens’ to social media’s effects on perceived body image of teenagers.

Seniors Jordanne Rolan and Claire Pokrywka have gotten to a good place with their research, with only two weeks left until their final paper is due. Claire’s research focuses on Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and the effect that a physician’s diagnosis of PCOS has on patients over the age of 13. “I feel nervous but excited for my project,” says Claire. “I was initially planning to interview gynecologists, then physicians, but finally I found someone who goes to Glen Allen High School who is willing to do talk to me about PCOS. I feel pretty good about where I’m at.”

Jordanne’s research, on the other hand, focuses on how the income disparity of parents of students at wealthier schools versus poorer schools in Henrico County affect the perception of their views of fast food chain availability in relation to how often it is consumed and their physical health. She plans to find the economic statistics of various schools in the county, and then send out questionnaires assessing physical health to students of these schools. “I still haven’t sent out the questionnaires, so I’m a bit stressed,” says Jordanne. “I hope to get the data quickly so I can present within the next week. I’m excited to see the results.”

Right now, there are thirteen students enrolled in the two-year program, and the seniors graduating this year will be the first students who have completed both years of the program. If the AP Capstone Program is one that interests you, don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Towslee or Mr. Zelenak.

Red Cross Club is Now at Glen Allen High

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A typical meeting for Red Cross Club. Meetings are in the morning on every third Friday of each month, around 8:15 am in the lecture hall. Photo credit: Momina Raja

Red Cross Club, a new club at Glen Allen High School, focuses on giving blood, helping victims of disasters, and educating people about emergency preparedness and fire prevention. The current officers for the 2018-2019 school year are: Mia Varghese, Nancy Hoang, Anna Liu, and Momina Raja.

This club has over 20 active members and holds meetings on the third Friday of every month in the lecture hall. Students in the club can earn volunteer hours towards graduation for simply attending the meetings! In November of 2018, Jon Reinmuth, a Henrico County Firefighter, came to speak to the club about fire safety and how to prevent fires in homes. The club learned about the types of fires and how to properly put out  fire. In January of 2019, the club made fire safety posters to inform students about the likelihood of kitchen and bedroom fires. In February of 2019, the club donated supplies such as Vaseline, socks, and coffee supplies to the Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center, a veteran’s hospital. If you are interested in being part of the club for the 2019-2020 school year, don’t be afraid to reach out via email to, or check out the club’s website at

New Classes Are Coming to Glen Allen High School

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Glen Allen High School, Home of the Jaguars. Picture taken from:

AP Computer Science A, Honors Physics I, Journalism, you name it. Glen Allen is finally offering new classes for the 2019-2020 school year. Recently, AP Computer Science had an interest meeting, with a whopping 50 students who showed up. AP Computer Science is a course designed to teach students how to program, design, and code systems through hands-on experience. Mrs. Jordan, an algebra and trigonometry teacher who has a degree in computer science, will be teaching the course. The only prerequisites for the course is a successful completion of Algebra II with a final grade of “B” or higher.

Honors Physics I will also be offered next year, so rising juniors will have an option of taking physics at the honors level without jumping straight to AP Physics I or being stuck with college-prep physics. Additionally, journalism will be offered as a class next year, so students can pursue their interest of writing at an academic level instead of just being in the club. Intro to Journalism is a somewhat new course next year. In this course, students will learn the history of the news industry, learn how to take great photographs and the basics of layout and design, how to conduct interviews and so much more about the news business. These are just some of the skills students will learn and once the course is complete, students will have the option to join the school newspaper staff (The PawPrint) or the yearbook staff (The Predator).

If you’re still not sure what courses you would like to take, there will be a curriculum fair on January 24th with dinner provided. Make sure to notify your counselor with your course selection in February to avoid missing out on some of these fun classes! Freshmen scheduling meetings will be held on January 22nd, sophomore meetings will be held on the 23rd, and juniors will meet on the 24th. Make sure to notify your counselor of the courses you want to take along with your backups! With all these options, the 2019-2020 year seems bright!

Girl Up Becomes Part of Glen Allen High

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Girl Up is one of the newest clubs at Glen Allen High School for the 2018-2019 school year and is sponsored by Ms. Shevchuk and run by president Kathryn DeBusk. Senior Kat DeBusk, who is also involved Student Council, drama, BACK, and Model UN, said, “My friend Sarah was in Girl Up at Hermitage, so I looked into the idea and thought it would be really cool to start at Glen Allen.”

In this Tuesday forum, Kat talks about various issues that surround women today. These issues include poverty, lack of hygiene products, and trafficking. Photo Credit: Momina Raja

The club focuses on empowering women and there are over 50 members participating. DeBusk explains, “We try to bring awareness to the struggles that young women in developing countries face. We want to make sure girls around the world have access to medical care, education, sanitary and hygiene products, and more. Recently, we conducted a feminine hygiene drive to benefit Period Patch, an organization that helps RVA’s homeless and displaced women with their monthly cycles. We also are in the process of installing feminine hygiene product dispensers in the bathrooms of GAHS as a long-term solution.”

Interested in joining this club? The sponsor is Ms. Shevchuk and she can be found in room 111, and the club is always open to new members. Meetings are every week on Tuesdays at 8:15 a.m. in room 111.Topics range from human trafficking to wellness in women. There are also Tuesday forums, where people submit something they want to know more about, such as sex trafficking or struggles for women in third world countries. Impactful videos are shown and much needed discussions are held. There is a remind group that anyone can join (text @girlupga to 81010), just talk to either Kat or Ms. Shevchuk. It’s a great way to change the world through empowering women!



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