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The Winter Regionals Track Meet was held at Glen Allen High School this February. Pictured above are some of the Glen Allen competitors Tessa Dobrinski, Aaliyah Kinsler, Abby Ringberg, Riley Rudd and Racheal Hager (left to right). Rachael Hager came in first for this 800 meter heat. Photo taken by Layla Rose.


A Day in the Life of Disney – Food and Wine Festival

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By: Layla Rose


My mom and I packed our bags full of excitement and ready to run in the Food and Wine 10k race in Disney World during the month of October. When unfortunately, we both got knee and foot injuries. My knee was messed up while my mom’s foot hurting really bad. So, we decided to go to Disney World for a normal vacation. To our surprise we didn’t realize that they were having an actual food festival. There was so much more food than we could have ever imagined. It is a time when you go to the Epcot park, walk around the various countries, and try food from ALL over the world. It is a time to learn about other countries’ life styles and what they would eat. During the week my mom and I tried over 20 of the 40 food options from the countries and surprisingly I didn’t know how much of it I would actually like. I am a very picky eater and this experience at Epcot changed the way I ate. I tried so many dishes that were foods that I would have never tried in my life. Some of our favorite places we went to were Canada, Japan, and Australia. We ate some delicious Cheddar Cheese and Bacon Soup from Canada that was so creamy and smooth that every bite I took was more delicious than the last. Next, we ate in Japan and had a Teriyaki Chicken Bun which had a tangy taste of spices and sweet fluffy bread. Then, we went to Australia for some sweet Lamington cake with coconut on top. I have never been fond of coconut, but to my surprise it ended up being one of my favorite desserts I tried. After our trip of eating all this unbelievably amazing food, I realized how much I enjoy all the different types of food in the world and how different they taste from one another. After all that food I hope my knee heals so that I will be able to run it all off.


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