The Ariana Grande Tour Experience

By: Abby Perkins

Ariana Grande has been one of the most influential stars of our generation. She’s performed on Broadway, appeared on Nickelodeon, produced five extremely successful studio albums, and starred in a live television musical, all the while wearing long hair extensions in a high ponytail, her trademark look. When she released her tour dates for her Sweetener/thank u, next concerts, my friends and I jumped at the opportunity to convince our parents to let us go. There were a few hiccups with how to get to DC and it being on a Monday, but after a few weeks of saving money and figuring out transportation, we had our tickets for March 25th!

Ariana’s tour came with not one, but two opening acts. Around 8 pm, Social House, an up-and-coming pop duo, performed fifteen minute, entertaining set. The audience clapped along, hundreds of people still getting into their seats from the crowded merchandise line.

The second opening act was Normani, pop star and former member of Fifth Harmony. She performed for about 30 minutes, singing some originals, a few Rihanna songs, and Fifth Harmony throwbacks. In one of covers, “Diamonds” by Rihanna, she told the thousands in the audience to turn on their phone flashlights, creating a beautiful light show that made the dark stadium look like a crystal ball. Normani finished her set by bring forward her 6 dancers and all-girl band for individual bows, then danced her way off stage.

After about 30 minutes of anticipatedly waiting after the Normani set, Grande’s first interlude played through the speakers. Grande started with the opening number of her Sweetener album, “Raindrops”, then brought up the heat with “God is a Woman” and a few other hyped-up songs like “Bad Idea” and “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” from her thank you, next album.

Here is the stage prior to the concert, people stilling rushing into their seats before Social House’s set begins. (Photo Credits Abby Perkins)

Throughout the concert, my friends and I sang, well more like screamed, along to all her songs, old and new, watching Grande and her dancers give it all they got on stage. The stage would change a different color spectrum during every song, connecting with the story of the song and making the concert all the more entertaining. With more than four costume changes and over 30 songs, Grande gave me one of the best experiences of my life.

One of my friends who went with me, sophomore Emma Mulholland, said that the performance of Dangerous Woman from Grande’s album of the same name was her favorite. She said, “It is one of my favorite Ariana Grande songs and seeing it live was really cool.” I think the vast majority of Grande’s fans were satisfied with the concert, as all the fan favorites were played with full energy. MulHolland said that the concert lived up to her high expectations.

The concert in Washington D.C. was only one of many concerts around the globe for Grande. Thousands of fans like me will all get to see this exciting and inspiring tour. If you have the opportunity to go see the Sweetener/thank u, next tour, jump on it. It was an incredible experience I will never forget.

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