Rounding Out February Spirit Events

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Joshua Holtzman

February had a lot of events held that promoted school spirit, such as the winter sport pep rally, which included the Teacher vs. Student basketball game, Mr. Glen Allen, and Silent Night. All of these events were within days of each other, making the beginning of February feel more like a whirlwind of fun events rather than the mundane of school. In this picture, the Sophomore class is showing their school spirit during the Teacher vs. Student basketball game.

Mr. Dean is leading his boys of Mr. Glen Allen to the center of the court during halftime of the basketball game. Him and Mrs. Carpenter are the head sponsors of Mr. Glen Allen and put a lot of time and effort into making the show as organized and entertaining as it can be.

Coach Clement, who teaches AP European History and World History II, refereed the exhibition basketball game, while Mr. Beck announced the game. Seen in this photo, the All-Star basketball team took over the court against the teachers. The All-Star basketball season has been going on for most of January and February as they face other Henrico Schools.

With two whole bleachers sections filled at Silent Night game, it was pretty difficult for Spirit Leader Ethan Weimer to control the crowd when they were supposed to be silent. A lot of non-verbal communication was used during the start of the game, but this poster in the picture was probably the crudest.

There was probably more Seniors that showed up to the Silent Night game compared to the winter sport pep rally shown in this picture. This is a visible representation of what teachers always describe as “seniorist,” which is when seniors become apathetic towards anything related to school. Yet, the lack of numbers was made up for by the energy and comradery of the Senior class.

One of the classic costumes of Silent Night is the Sports Center announcers, which is usually done by 5 of the most spirited guys at Glen Allen. This year seniors Ethan Weimer, Mason Fristoe, Jack Dunlop, Patrick Ertel, and Bruce Richardson took on this challenge. What is not seen in the picture is that for a comedic twist on the costume, they are not wearing underwear.

One of the many parts of Mr. Glen Allen is the Shabooya Roll Call. Taken from a scene in “The Office,” the boys of Glen Allen rather around to make a clapping beat that they say clever lyrics over. An example of lyrical genius used in the roll call is Abraham Addiss’ line, “My name is Abra/ don’t forget the ham/ and in my free time I help beavers build… nice homes.”

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