Holiday Movie Favorites

By January 8, 2019Entertainment

The holidays are over, but our love for holiday-themed is not. A Charlie Brown Christmas, Home Alone, and Love Actually are all movies that we know and love. Whether these movies were introduced to us through family members, friends, or the Hallmark channel, they have all made their way into the lives and hearts of our generation in one way or another. However, most of us have soft spots for one of these movies over all the rest. Some Glen Allen students commented on their all-time favorite holiday movies.

Senior Mark Titus’s favorite holiday movie is the movie Stepbrothers. Although not widely recognized as holiday film, Mark argues that it should be considered one because “there are TWO Christmases” in it. He also commented that the movie is a “double-Christmas family fun feature film,” which is the reason why he loves it so much.

Anna Van Marcke, junior, feels very passionate about the movie The Polar Express. Her passion for this movie is not limited to just one season, either. The Polar Express is not only her primary holiday film preference, but one of her favorite movies of all time. She justifies this by saying that “Tom Hanks is amazing and I think that it does a good job of conveying a message while also being a kids’ movie.”

Figure 1 – Some holiday classics.

Sophomore Aubrey Nicely favors Eloise at Christmas Time because it reminds him of when he was younger and that Christmas isn’t “only about presents” but also about “magic and innocence.” He thinks that this is a good lesson for everyone, which brings up the point that certain movies are often our favorites because of the nostalgia we associate with them. On the other hand, some of us love movies for simpler reasons. Take Jordan Goode, a junior, as a prime example. His favorite movie is Elf because “it’s funny.” Similarly, freshman Audrey Bendel’s favorite holiday movie is Home Alone because she never “gets bored watching it.”

The connections we form through films is another factor that plays into our movie preferences. Mrs. Ennis’s favorite holiday movie is Love Actually. This is because she watched the movie for the first time in high school with her one of her friends, and it has become a tradition for them to meet up and watch the movie every year when they are in town for the holidays. She says the movie reminds her of her “best friend and getting together,” which is why she loves it so much.

Whatever holiday you celebrate, watching movies is a great way to get in the holiday spirit. It allows us to spend time with loved ones as well as just relax and take a break from the stress of everyday life. So the next time you have a couple of hours to spare, think about putting on your favorite holiday movie and inviting someone to watch it with you – there is no better way to embrace the season.

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