Center and Humanities Students Explore Philadelphia

The Humanities students visited the Rodin museum in Philadelphia. Mr. Tolbert and some of his students posed in front of “The Thinker”. Photo taken by Emily Bickford.

Thursday, March 1st Mr. Tolbert’s Humanities students as well as center juniors and seniors traveled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Center students visited the Philadelphia Constitution Center in the morning, exploring things such as the historical figures throughout the museum. The Humanities students began their day at the Rodin Museum and exploring famous sculptures such as “The Gates of Hell” and “The Kiss”.

Students walked through China Town on their way to lunch. There were numerous pieces of architecture that replicated Chinese culture. Photo taken by Emily Bickford.

Then, students, accompanied by teachers, Mr. Tolbert and Mr. Conway, as well as associate principal Mr. Baedke made their way through China Town over to Redding Terminal for lunch. Students were allowed to choose from the various options throughout the terminal and trusted to go off on their own and make good decisions. On the way back to the buses, Humanities students stopped by “Frozen” to enjoy a sweet treat of rolled ice cream.

The front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art provided a beautiful view of the city. Students enjoyed learning about the art inside the museum. Photo taken by Emily Bickford.

After lunch, all students went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Students explored the vast museum with their chaperones. Senior, Cara Crenshaw stated, “Going to the Philadelphia Museum of Art was one of the coolest experiences because all of the art was beautiful. Being able to connect what we learned in class and apply it to the real world was inspiring.” Mr. Tolbert was thrilled to have the opportunity to provide an interactive environment to teach his students and was eager to explore the museums with his students. Students were enthusiastic to spend the day in Philadelphia learning about art and history.


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