Jaguars and Tiaras: Mr. Glen Allen 2018

On Friday February 16th, Glen Allen hosted one of its most beloved traditions: the Mr. Glen Allen male pageant. Nearly every Jaguar showed up for this incredibly popular event, not only to earn Battle of the Classes points for their grade levels (points were awarded based on the amount of students from each grade level that attended), but also to show support for the men at Glen Allen and enjoy one of the most hilarious and entertaining events of the year.

Mr. Glen Allen contestants put aside their competitiveness for a group dance. This was one of the most highly anticipated events of the evening. Picture taken by Maggie Nuckols.

As per tradition, the event was broken up into eight parts: the group dance, group roll call, individual costume portions, the talent show, formal wear, selection of the top five, questioning of the top five, and selection of the winner.

The event started at 7:00pm, the doors opening at 6:30pm for any students who wanted to be there early and ensure they got good seating. Tickets had been available for purchase during school lunches prior to the event, but students were also able to buy tickets at the door if they had not purchased them prior.

Mr. Glen Allen 2018 opened with a bang, one of the notable events, the group dance, announcing the beginning of the event.

After the event was over, all contestants and their dates gathered for a group picture. Also pictured to the left are event organizers Ms. Carpenter and Mr. Dean. Picture taken by Maggie Nuckols.

Contestants dressed in white button-ups and dark shorts, a Mr. Glen Allen opening dance signature, to wow the crowd with their moves. Using popular music and, at times, risqué dancing, they easily wowed the crowd and got everyone excited for what was to come.

Afterwards, contestants did a roll call, getting into a semi-circle formation and introducing themselves to the crowd via the popular “roll call” song accompanied by a dance.

This year, Mr. Glen Allen was hosted by Senior Taliyah Dozier. Throughout the night, she had two different cohosts. Cole Tutwiler, a Mr. Glen Allen contestant last year and now freshman at George Mason University, was cohost for the first portion. For the second, last year’s Mr. Glen Allen winner and current student at James Madison University, Grant Schowalter, was cohost.

Participant and Junior Josh Holtzman gave it his all during the group performance. He, like all the other contestants, was dedicated to putting on a good show and potentially winning. Picture taken by Maggie Nuckols.

Both former contestants and cohosts also during the night stepped out from behind the podium host and back into the spotlight, reenacting their iconic performances from last year. Cole danced with his girlfriend, Glen Allen Senior Abby Dodd, and Grant replicated his unique act manipulating yoga balls.

Moving on to the next portion of the evening, contestants were introduced one at a time with and in their costumes they had picked out. Some notable costumers were Josh Holtzman as English teacher Mr. Towslee, Junior Jahin Ghazi as character Dwight Schrute from popular T.V. show, the Office¸ and Soham Apte as Math teacher Mr. Dean.

Afterwards, each contestant got to do a performance of their choosing in the talent show, another one of the most notorious portions of the Mr. Glen Allen event. Contestants brought their A-game this year, perfecting traditional acts and pushing the boundaries with new and, to say the least, interesting ones.

Senior Soham Apte performed an interesting act where he and some assisting Jaguars wore robes and spat and sprayed water around and at one another, Senior Thomas Gordon mixed good and bad in his “the best and worst band you will ever see” performance, and Senior Nolan McKinney sang, to name a few.

Senior Soham Apte and some of his fellow Jaguars performed one of the most interesting and unique talents in Mr. Glen Allen history. The act consisted of wearing robes, spitting water, and posing at times. Picture taken by Maggie Nuckols.

Contestants then transitioned into the formal wear portion of the evening, walking onto the stage in their best and most elegant wear, escorted by a female date also in formal wear. Adding a flare to the event, Junior Sam Joyner handed a judge a whisk during this portion. Afterwards, the top five contestants were announced, and these five were asked questions that determined who would finally come out on top and be crowned Mr. Glen Allen 2018.

After much deliberation, judges eventually crowned Junior Sam Joyner Mr. Glen Allen, and Senior Keegan Manning as runner up, ending the event.

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