All-Star Basketball Season Starts with a Tie

By February 20, 2018News, Slideshow, Sports

The All-Star basketball season started on Thursday, February 8th with a game again the J.R. Tucker Tigers. The stands were filled with Jags ready to support both teams in the fierce battle.

Senior Jag Kayla Buchanan said that she was “excited to see the school spirit rooting for the All-Stars on the court!”

Before the game began, there was a special performance of the National Anthem, sung by a student. The crowd, which was previously filled with noise and energy, quieted down to listen to her moving performance, cheering and clapping at the conclusion.

The game began with the Tigers taking the first shot, banking it and earning two points. Our Jags tried to follow with a 3-pointer, but missed, allowing the Tigers to score themselves another two points.

The Jags soon claimed the ball and scored their first shot of the game. As the clock reads 3:50 and half of the first quarter is over, Home read four points and the Tigers held six.

“Swish!” exclaimed Mr. Clement, the referee and announcer for the game, as the Jags scored, tying up the game.

As the first quarter came to an end, Home read ten and the Tigers were in the lead with twelve points. As the game transitioned into the second quarter, the GAHS Pep Band played to rally spirit within the players and the crowd.

Fellow senior Olivia Baugham was excited to hear the pep band, and she also was “interested in seeing the cheer team.”

In the second quarter, player #5 from the Tigers quickly makes the first shot, but the Jags do not lose spirit. Jag #20 makes a standing shot, causing a roar from the crowd. The quarter ends with an attempt at a 3-pointer from the Tigers, but the buzzer rings in, evening the score at 26 to 26.

At halftime, the Cupid Shuffle plays and everyone in the stands is encouraged to come onto the court and dance. The gym floor was filled with Jaguars and Tigers, dancing together and celebrating.

The third quarter begins with an epic 3-pointer by Jag #22, but the Tigers responded quickly. Our Jags had a quick team meeting to regroup, while the cheer team performed flips and stunts to hype up the crowd.

Going into the fourth quarter, Jag #3 played a determined game, scoring consecutively.

“Back and forth, back and forth,” Mr. Clement said, reflecting on the tied-up score.

At 1:30 in the fourth quarter, the Jags broke the 50-point line, followed quickly by the Tigers.

The exciting first All-Star game of the season ended in a tie of 59 to 59, concluding a close game between the Jaguars and the Tigers.

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