Book Celebration

Dear Parents,

          I wanted to give you a heads-up about a coming reading program available for all fourth-graders, called Book Celebration.  I’ll be meeting with all classes after the Thanksgiving holiday to let them know about it.  It’s a fun activity that encourages reading a variety of genres and discusses books in a social way – through the use of games, etc.  The students won’t miss any class time; I’ll meet with them during some days at lunch. 

There is information on my webpage:   The new list of books is also there.  So many of your children participated in Reading Karate last year that I hope we will have a good group.  The activity will be at Tuckahoe: no traveling.  The exact format will depend on the number of participants.   In the past, we have had a number of parents involved in the games, etc., and the reaction has been very favorable.  The teachers are fully behind the celebration, and students seem to go home happy after the event!

Please let me know if you have any questions.                         


Rosemary McCullough, Librarian

Upcoming dates- Sept/Oct

September 24 – Spirit Night at the Tavern, 5-11pm

September 28 – SCA classroom elections

October 1 – PTA meeting, 7pm

October 3 – Walk to school day; After school enrichment begins

October 4 – Papa John’s night

October 5 – Picture day

October 6 – TES clean up day, 9am

October 8 – Student holiday

October 19 – Henricopolis in-school field trip

October 21- TES duathlon, 1pm

October 23 – Maymont field tirp, 9:15-12:45

October 26 – Pumpkin book reports due

October 28 – Happy birthday, Mrs. Genazia!

October 31- Halloween