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Microsoft One Note 2013


Description: This page was designed to support students, teachers, and parents  with the use of One Note and contains directions and resources for using this application.   Additionally, you can find links to various support websites.  One Note is an online notebook that is an excellent tool for organizing notes, journal writing, and projects. You can automatically add information, images, and links from websites.   You don’t even need a handout!  When you open One Note, the opening screen has instruction on how to use the product.

Direction Downloads:

Video Tutorials:

Watch a video on how to start using One Note. (Beginner)

Watch a video on how to use One Note. (Intermediate)

The video below shows you how to share a OneNote Notebook via the school staff server. This is a good option for staff who need to collaborate. Remember that changes will be synced with the school server when connected to the school secure network and OneNote is open. This applies for sending changes you have made and receiving changes others have made.

Saving a OneNote Notebook to a school server from HCPS Instructional Technology on Vimeo.


Additional Online Support:

Below you will find links to web resources that will support more advanced uses of this software.  Don’t forget, you can also utilize the help menu.

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Digital Organization

photo_organization (1)

To efficiently and effectively utilize the resources on your computer you need to have a basic understanding of the  interface of the Windows 7 operating system. Use the objectives and directions below to complete training for this  topic. Your teacher will guide you through the training, but you can come back to this page as needed throughout the  year.


Upon completion of this topic students will be able to locate and use the following items on their computer:

  • Tips for naming folders and files
  • Structures for digital organization
  • Personal structure for organizing and naming files
  • Create New Folders (My Classes)



Part I:  Plan Your Digital Organization Structure

  1. Click here for ideas with organizing your digital files.
  2. Make your plan and discuss it with your classmates.
  3. Once your plan is ready it is time to create folders. (part II)

Part II:  Create Digital File Folders

  1. Click here to download the directions for creating class folders.
  2. Review the directions.
  3. Use the video tutorial below to watch the directions being performed.
  4. After watching the video and previewing the directions create a class folder for each of your classes.
  5. Practice saving a file to one of your folders. Ask for help as needed.

Teacher Tip: Project the video for the whole class and/or demonstrate the step on your own before students complete. Use the full screen button (left of “Vimeo” in lower right-hand corner) to increase to full screen for easier viewing and load the videos before you show them (select play > pause and the video will load and be ready for use).

Part III: Personal Back-Up Options

  1. Click here to download directions for using Google Drive as a back up.


Video Tutorials:

  1. Video 1: Organizing Files and Folders


Online Assessments:

How well do you know this topic? Show what you know by taking an assessment in School Space.
Assessments can be found in your schools community group. Please follow your teachers direction for accessing the assessments for your school. Please note: Some schools are not using this feature in training. Be sure to follow your teachers direction as to what you should do.
Click here to access your assessment in School Space

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