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Microsoft One Note


Description: This page was designed to support students, teachers, and parents  with the use of One Note and contains directions and resources for using this application.   Additionally, you can find links to various support websites.  One Note is an online notebook that is an excellent tool for organizing notes, journal writing, and projects. You can automatically add information, images, and links from websites.   You don’t even need a handout!  When you open One Note, the opening screen has instruction on how to use the product.

Direction Downloads:

Video Tutorials:

Watch a one minute video on how to use One Note.

The video below shows you how to share a OneNote Notebook via Virtual Share. Keep in mind that this retains a “master teacher copy” that students sync to any time there are changes. If students make changes to the notebook, they will not be saved.

SharingVS from HCPS Instructional Technology on Vimeo.


Additional Online Support:

Below you will find links to web resources that will support more advanced uses of this software.  Don’t forget, you can also utilize the help menu.

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