The basic structure of the Professional Growth and Evaluation Process will remain the same during the 2013-2014 school year:

  • All teachers will sign the Performance Standards (former PQ & IR) and The Acceptable Use Policy, indicating that he/she understands the expectations of teachers in HCPS.
  • Probationary teachers and those on Professional Growth Series (now required every 3 years for those on Continuing Contract) will complete the Self-Assessment. This will assist in the completion of the Planning Form, as areas for growth should be selected from PQ & IR.
  • The Planning form includes:
    • A review/analysis of student learning data.  This information should also be considered when selecting an area for focus.
    • The selection of two student growth measures.  These measures should be selected with the input/approval from the approved chart (created by content     specialists in HCPS). This year both measures will be used in the evaluation process.
  • Probationary teachers will be evaluated (using the Performance Standards Evaluation Form) twice annually. Continuing contract teachers will be evaluated every three years.   The Evaluation Form now contains seven performance standards:

Instructional Responsibilities-Standards 1-5

Professional Qualities-Standard 6

Student Academic Progress-Standard 7

Student Growth Measure #1

Student Growth Measure #2

  • A teacher must successfully meet at least 80% of the evaluation in order to meet expectations on an overall summative rating.
  • A detailed outline of the process, including dates, is included for your reference.
  • Continuing contract teachers may be placed on Professional Growth Series at any time deemed necessary by the supervisor.   When teachers are not successfully completing their Performance Standards, you refer to the Levels of Support.

 PGEP Timeline-Probationary

PGEP Timeline-Continuing Contract