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PE 4/9-4/13

K-2 students are working on Striking up and Striking up with an implement! We are using balloons to strike up into the air with different body parts. We are also using paddles to strike up in the air. Coach R is teaching proper technique as it relates to striking!


3-5 students are starting a hockey unit. Students will learn how to stick handle (dribble), pass and shoot. Coach R is teaching proper technique as it relates to those skills. Students have been enjoying themselves with this different unit!


The Olympics!


We are celebrating the Olympics in class!  We have been talking about medals and competition, the different countries competing in the different events and where the Olympics are being held. We have Olympic inspired stations. This week we have beanbag curling, Skii jump using step boxes, the luge with scooters, kick curling using deck rings and Olympic ring toss. We have also been doing some “snowboarding” on pool noodles to work on balance and jumping/landing! We are having a blast.

First week of Heart Health month! (February)


All students had a noodle between their feet which forced them to jump. Students with  yellow noodles were taggers. If a student got tagged they would need to perform 5 good jumping jacks and then return to the game! We had a lot of fun with Kangaroo Tag!

We played Kangaroo tag in honor of Heart Health month. Jumping is such a great way to get the heart beating faster in order to strengthen it!

P.E. 9/8-9/11

This first week of P.E. I will be welcoming everyone back and welcoming new faces!

We will be going over the Rules, Routines and Expectations I have for P.E.  Also, I will be e-mailing a letter home about our rules for all parents.  Here is the letter:

Dear Colonial Trail Parents/Guardians,

My name is Tyler LeClair.  I will be your student’s Physical Education teacher this year at Colonial Trail Elementary School.  I am very eager to show your student that exercise and fitness is fun and exciting.  Physical fitness is a very important part of being healthy.  It is up to all of us to encourage our students to be active outside of the physical education setting as well as in.

My goals this year are to ensure a safe environment for your student to learn and to promote a healthy and active lifestyle that your student will demonstrate throughout his or her lifetime.  In order to create that environment, I have instituted some classroom rules:

-L- Listen carefully

-E- Enter and Exit the gym quietly

-A- Act safely

-D- Do your best

-E- Equipment (respect equipment)

-R- Raise your hand

Please feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail if you have any questions or concerns about the physical education program at Colonial Trail Elementary School.  You can also follow what we are doing in class by visiting my blog at:

I encourage all of you to get involved in your students physical education programs.  If you would like to volunteer for Field Day or any other program we will be having this year please contact me.  The school phone number is 364-0055 and my e-mail address is Please help your student remember to wear PE shoes on the days they have PE.  I will have to sit them out of activity for the day if they do not have the correct shoes on.  Should a student forget PE shoes 2 or more times in a 9 week period he/she will receive an e-mail or phone call home due to lack of participation in class.  Thank you for helping your student stay safe!!  I am looking forward to a great year!


Welcome back!

Welcome new Colonial Trail families and welcome back returning Colonial Trail families!  I’m so excited to begin a new school year!  This one has the making of being even better than the last!

On my blog you will find activities and lessons we are covering in class.  You will also find the rules and expectations of P.E. class.  If you’d like, you can learn a little bit about me also!

Please find some cool P.E. related links on the right hand side of my blog and feel free to subscribe to get updates when I make changes!

I look forward to a great year and can’t wait to get started!!

-Coach LeClair

What are we doing the last week of January? 1/26-1/30

K-2 students will start an Educational Gymnastics unit.  Our focus for this until will be Balance, Jumping and Landing safely and the Forward and Log Roll.  I will set up stations where students will learn a variety of healthy and safe movements.  Students will practice balancing on “rocks” (p.e. equipment), students will be jumping over objects to learn the proper landing technique (2 feet, bend knees for impact).  Students will land on mats.  Students learn the difference between hopping (one foot) and jumping (2 feet).  They will be jumping from equipment to equipment, landing a balancing at the same time.  Students will be using a “cheese wedge” mat to learn the forward and log roll with a spotter (me).  This skill is optional for students to learn or try on the mats.


3-5 students will be doing a very short Soccer Skills unit.  Students will learn the skills of dribbling/passing/shooting.  We will be using the close dribbling techniques of keeping the ball close to the feet and moving slow.  We will use the inside and outside of the foot pass to partners.  We will also be focusing on the inside part of the foot shot and the instep drive for power.  We will play soccer skills games to enforce these topics and ensure an understanding by all students.  These are basic soccer skills we are learning, not a full on soccer game.

P.E. Class 1/19-1/23

Due to the missed school days in the past couple of weeks this week will be used to catch those classes up on the materials they missed.  Nutrition will still be the focus for many classes and other classes will be playing games that enforce cardio respiratory endurance and following safe directions.

Once we are caught up this week it is back to normal next week!!


Please help your student remember their P.E. shoes since the new semester is starting soon!!

P.E. Class 1/5-1/16

This week in all grade levels we will be focusing on Nutrition.  Nutrition is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle.  Students in grades K-2 will be learning the 5 food groups and different foods that make up those groups.  We will be discussing the Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Proteins and Dairy food groups.  Students will be able to name a few foods from each of the essential food groups.  It is very important to try to get a wide variety of foods in our diet.  K-2 students will play games that help match foods to the food groups and help them understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods!

3-5 students will be focusing on the 5 food groups and they will be able to name many foods in each group.  We will discuss “MyPlate” and the initiative for a more healthy/balanced diet.  Students will understand that it is very important to get a wide variety of foods from each of the 5 food groups.  Students will also understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods and the importance of limiting the unhealthy foods.


Students in grades 4 and 5 will begin discussing calories and the importance of getting healthy calories for energy.  Students will play games that enforce the importance of eating foods high in healthy calories that come from the 3 macro-nutrients (Carbohydrates, Protein and Fats).  Students will understand how many calories per gram of each of the macro nutrients.  It is important students to get good, healthy calories from Carbohydrates because they provide immediate energy to the body.  It is important students get good, healthy calories from Fats because they provide protection and warmth to the body.  It is also very important for students to get good, healthy calories from Protein because they help build muscles and assist in growth.

What’s Happening in P.E. Class? 12/15-12/19

K-2 Students- Rolling

Students will learn the skill of rolling.  We will work on the underhand roll (bring the arm straight back, swing arm straight forward and release the ball at a low level) with a partner to start.  Students will work on aiming the ball toward a fixed target.  This will also work on the students teamwork skills.  We will also be playing a game called builders and bulldozers where students will be working together to roll and knock over pins that are setup throughout the gym.  Our goal in this unit is to make sure all students practice and understand the proper technique to rolling an object accurately.


3-5 Students- Rhythm/Dance!

We will be working on a series of movements to pre-selected songs this week.  Our goal will be to understand rhythm and movement concepts when it comes to dance.  Dance also promotes physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.


We will be Motor Screening in K-2 this week in the forms of relays.  Students will be assessed on 6 locomotor movements.  Walking, Running, Skipping, Galloping, Hoping and Jumping.  Students must demonstrate the ability to perform at least 4 out of 6 of these movements or they will be re-screened in a 1 on 1 situation.

Relays are a great way for students to practice teamwork, taking turns and cooperation as they cheer each other on.  We will also be using relays to practice balance, implement manipulation and hand eye coordination.


Students in grades 3-5 will be working on goal setting.  A goal is something you want to achieve.  A goal must be realistic, attainable and challenging to you.  We will be using sports/fitness related stations to practice setting goals.  Students will perform a station for a predetermined amount of time and record their results for train #1….they will set a goal for themselves, perform the station again for the same amount of time and work to reach their goals at each station.

4th and 5th graders will be getting a parent/student report to bring home and discuss.  This report shows the students scores on their Fall 2014 fitness tests.  Since we have been working on goal setting, it would be a good idea for students to set goals for their fitness tests as we take them again in the Spring of 2015.  If you have any questions about the fitness results please contact me via e-mail.

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