Welcome to TAC Blog

Welcome to the Henrico County Public Schools Teacher Advisory Council communication site!

The Teacher Advisory Council (TAC) plays an important role in maintaining two-way communication between teachers in our schools and the school division leadership team.  It is an opportunity for leadership team members to provide information to teachers about long-term division initiatives and short term hot topics.  It is also an opportunity for teachers to ask questions of the leadership specific to programs and processes that affect their working environment.  On occasion, TAC representatives are asked to provide input from their school faculty in the decision-making process.

Submitting Questions through the Teacher Advisory Council:

There will be four meetings of the Teacher Advisory Council during the 2017-2018 school year in a mix of face-to-face and online forums. All Henrico faculty and staff are invited to submit questions to their school TAC representative.  To submit a question please follow these steps:

  •  Visit this site and search the previously asked questions and their answers to determine if your question has already been addressed.
  • To search, use one of three methods;  the key word search box,  the category area search on the right side of this page, or you may review all questions asked during a TAC meeting by selecting the meeting date at the bottom right.
  • If your question has not been addressed in past TAC meetings, please submit your question in a Word document to your TAC representative.
  • As you compose your question, please be certain that it is professional in style and tone. 
  • Your school TAC representative will review the question and submit it to the TAC site administrator for consideration for the next meeting.

Reviewing Question Responses for the TAC Meeting:

The Division Leadership Team will respond to all questions submitted.  When all responses are complete, they will be posted on this site under the meeting date.  Simply click on the date to review all questions submitted for the specific meeting.

Please direct questions about the TAC question/response practice to Rene Stewart, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent.