Papa John Night!!!

Have you placed your order for a teacher to deliver pizza to you Thursday, March 15th?  Please go on line and do so or send back in your order form!  The site is

We would love to have enough sales for our classroom to have a class pizza party again this year!!  (O:


Next week is

Next week is Youth Art Month Spirit Week

 Monochromatic Monday (wear all tints and shades on one color)

 Typography Tuesday (wear your favorite graphic t shirt or pattern)

 Wacky Tacky Wednesday  (wear your wackiest pattern mixes)

 Talented Thursday (dress as your favorite artist or as an art career)

 ROY G BIV Friday (rainbow colors…can you wear them all?)

Unify and Respect Week (March 6th-10th)

This week is “Unify with Respect Week” at Pinchbeck! Respect Week celebrates the support of students with and without disabilities in order to create a unified school community. Each day throughout the week, a different word will be highlighted by SCA members on the morning announcements. Students will be asked to complete a task that corresponds to that day’s word. Monday-Acceptance Tuesday-Respect Wednesday-Relationships Thursday- Initiative  Friday-Friendship  We encourage you to ask your child about these words! We ask all students to wear BLUE this Thursday, March 9th in honor of respect week.