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February 17th

February 17th

Thank you to everyone who sent in some much needed supplies from Sign Up Genius that was sent out.  We are wiping down desks and keeping our hands washed in hope of keeping the flu out of room 207. 

We had a great trip to see the play The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.  Many of the kids are ready to check out the books by Mark Twain.  In Math we continue to work on money and getting change back when buying something.  We are also finishing up our lesson on Ancient Mali.  Ask the kids how they traded in Mali.  They know some fun facts about the country.  

*Heritage Night is Thursday February 21st from 6:30-7:30.  The students have been busy using our new Chrome Books to write about their favorite heritage.  I hope to see everyone there. 

December 9th

December 9th

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful snow. We had a great week.  We continued our unit on Fairy Tales, and finished our Elf  writing as well as our Ecosystem writing.  The students continue to amaze me with stories.  We began a new unit studying Ancient China and Ancient Egypt.  Also, we studied area and perimeter and had a fun lesson using Cheese-Its crackers.  Be sure to ask your student about this lesson.  

Gingerbread Houses – Thanks to my room parents, a sign up genius went out asking for supplies.  We are in the middle of our Fairy Tale unit and the kids will be really excited to make their own gingerbread house.  We will be making them next Monday and Tuesday from 12:45-1:45.  Please remember, as my room mom posted – you have to have a volunteer form filled out if you want to come into the room just to help.  Please send in everything by this Friday, Dec 14th.

SOL’s we are working on:

Reading SOL 3.5 – Finishing our Fairy Tale Unit this week

Math SOL 3.7   – The student will estimate and use U.S. Customary and metric units to measure

b) liquid volume in cups, pints, quarts, gallons, and liters. They will NOT have to do conversions.

Studies – SOL 3.2 The student will explain how the contributions of ancient China and Egypt have influenced the present world in terms of architecture, inventions, the calendar, and written language.

Writing – Homophones, and writing with expression using adjectives.


October 3rd!

October 3rd!

Happy October!

This week has been packed with many exciting lessons and activities! Young Scientist’s are coming to the classroom and are giving the students a lesson simple machines. In Science, the students have been working on adaptations. You should ask them about the fruit loop experiment we did in class. 

In reading, we have been working on making connections with the text and learning about different levels of questions. We continue to work independently during our reading time and I am encouraging the students to choose a book that fits them like a glove. 

In math, we have been working on place value. We will have a unit test on October 12th on place value, ordering numbers and comparing numbers.

For writing, we have been going over basic parts of speech including nouns, verbs, pronouns and adjectives.  Next week, we will be diving into subjects and predicates. Don’t forget  to respond in your son/daughter’s writing journal over the weekend.  They get so excited when they get to read your response on Monday morning.

Just a few reminders, don’t forget to pack a healthy snack and dress appropriately for the weather. 

September 5th

September 5th

Welcome to Third Grade! 

I have enjoyed getting to know my students this week and sharing some stories with them.  We have created our classroom rules and learning the expectations of third grade.  In Language Arts, we are enjoying our author study on Leo Lionni.  We are reading all of his wonderful stories while learning important skills such as characters, setting, retelling a story and the theme of each story.  The students are enjoying completing writing projects about these books.  

In math, we will begin our graphing unit,  Here we will be studying how to create and interpret bar graphs, tally charts and picture graphs.  The students will be creating an interactive math notebook for each unit we study.  They will be bringing this notebook home to review for tests and quizzes.