Today’s students live in a digital world and come to school with different expectations and needs. Through the teaching and learning initiative, Henrico County Public Schools are preparing students for the 21st century by providing meaningful instruction and improving academic performance. Our educators work to identify and implement digital resources, supporting technologies and strong instructional practice that will ensure a solid 21st century learning experience for Henrico students which will prepare them for college and the workplace. We are very proud of the students in Henrico County and what they have accomplished through the use of technology. We hope you enjoy what you see!

How to navigate this site:
This site was created to share the incredible work created by our students with the facilitation of our teachers.  We encourage you to explore the work featured from various schools and grade levels.  There are tags and categories listed at the bottom of each post.  If you click on one of these tag or category terms the site will query other posts that are similarly tagged. You can also click on one of these terms in the “Tag Cloud”, within the sidebar, to begin your search.