Students in Ms. Jones’ Health and Physical Education classes at Fairfield Middle School collaborated with students in Ms. Ozolins’ classes at Pocahontas Middle School to create and simulate patients being treated by doctors based on their symptoms. Both schools first created and drew imaginary patients, researched and synthesized information about the body system affected by that disease, simulated audio of that patient sharing symptoms of the disease with a doctor, and created QR codes with this information to travel with the patient to the partnering school. Finally, patients at both schools were transported to each other, so all students could research possible diseases to ultimately diagnose the other school’s patient’s symptoms correctly.

Submitted by: S. Bartlett, J. Tillman, H. Taylor, A. Hurdle

TIPC Category: Communication & Collaboration, Creativity and Innovation, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Research & Information Fluency

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