Volunteering is an important part of being a person, and many high schools require students to volunteer a certain amount of time. In my freshman year when I was trying to volunteer as much as possible, I found it quite hard to find opportunities and keep track of which ones I had completed or signed up for. Many of my friends also felt the same way. I also talked with many organizations and found that many organizers were having trouble advertising their events. Starting about a year ago, I decided to make an application for the iPhone dedicated to volunteering. This app allows organizations to post their events and for volunteers to sign up for them. I think of it as like a social media platform but for volunteering, as volunteers can see when their friends have signed up for certain events. Currently this app is quite basic. The app is split into five distinct parts: first, the home page is a feed of all events that are currently active and available for sign ups; second, the search page allows users to search for events and users through name and location; third, the create page, which is only available to creators, allow creators to create an event; fourth, the notifications/reminders page notifies the user when an event is about to start or end; and lastly, the profile page allows the user to see which events they have created, completed, or are currently signed up for. There are also many other small features like filters, profile editing, settings, friend sign-ups, and creator information pages. This is an ongoing project and I will certainly be adding more features in the future, such as the ability for volunteer to track their hours, and the ability for creators to receive event reports when an event has ended. Through making this app, I have become proficient in the programming language of Swift, I have gained experience with development software such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Xcode, and Visual Studio Code. I have also learned how to create and manage databases, storage, profile authentications, and cloud functions through my use of Google’s Firebase. If I am able to correctly implement and advertise this app, I really do believe it can help future volunteers and creators to have an easier time volunteering.

Submitted by: R. Ding

TIPC Category: Creativity and Innovation, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving