Students in Sports Marketing and Architectural Drawing and Design collaborated together to develop branding and a stadium design for a new NFL football team based on the specific needs and outlook of a real city. First, students in the Sports Marketing classes researched their target audience to determine goals and limits. Then, based on their research, they developed branding and marketing ideas for their team and an initial stadium design elements. Then, the Architectural Drawing and Design students discussed the stadium design elements with the Sports Marketing students and based on the limitations of space, costs and the related architectural limitations developed a initial stadium design. After multiple meetings, the architectural students presented stadium sketches & 3D Revit CAD models to the marketing students and continued negotiations until a final approved design was achieved. In the final stage, each team of marketers and architects present their final branding and designs to the shareholders (a local architect, teachers, and other school staff).

Submitted by: A. O, S. Essex, K. Johnson, H. Graves, J. Crawley, S. Roesner, C. Rousseau

TIPC Category: Research & Information Fluency, Communication & Collaboration, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Creativity & Innovation

Downloadable File: Slideshow

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