Life In Color

By March 26, 20148th Grade, Middle School, Moody

An animated short in which a girl brings color to a black and white world.

The assignment was to create a 3D or video piece depicting an alter ego of ourselves, either with or without superpowers.

My piece was made using Paint Tool SAI, a wacom bamboo create drawing tablet, gimp 2.0, and windows movie maker.  It is a frame by frame animation, meaning each frame was either drawn separately or one frame was manipulated to create movement.

If I were to redo this project, I would have used a better method than frame by frame, maybe using ‘tweening’ in adobe after effects rather than using frame by frame in movie maker. I was happy with the individual drawings, their style, and the overall product however.

Submitted by: Amy D From: Moody Middle School

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