Presidential Hunger Games

By March 24, 20146th Grade, Middle School, Moody

Presidential Hunger Games Commericalfinal 0001 (1) from Richard Zhai on Vimeo.

The Presidential Hunger Games is a school project designed for students to show creativity and effort in a presidential campaign commercial on two of the first five presidents. The commercial should last around a minute and should have key components of everyday modern commercials including “dirt on the other candidate” as well as raising your candidate on a pedestal.

Our project was meant to capture all of the elements of a modern T.V. presidential commercial as well as add creativity and unique ideas to the mix. The music and interesting voice choices were some things that we thought we needed in order to bring out the effect of professional. This project was made using Windows Movie Maker, to combine pictures, text, voice, and music into one completed project. Our group split work, and we individually found and made the components of the commercial. In the end, I feel that our hard work and efforts made a great project.
Submitted by: Richard Z., Meghan G., Stephen L.

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