Westward Expansion Mining Movie

By November 14, 20137th grade, Middle School, Moody

Western Expansion Storytelling Movie – Miner – By Joey Mistretta from Moody Student Account on Vimeo.

This is an animated movie created to tell the story of a miner’s life and his impact on the Western Expansion of the United States in the 1800’s. The assignment was to act in the role of a person from the 1800’s and tell a story about your life, and to create a video on Windows Movie Maker containing at least eight images to go along with it. I chose to integrate a full story into the video for a movie that was both educational and entertaining. This movie was created mostly through PowerPoint. Characters and certain objects (made from a combination of Clip Art figures and Shape Tool creations) were put onto a background of real-life, historical pictures. Using over one hundred slides, various transitions and simple “moving” animations from PowerPoint were carefully timed to flow along with the various audio files of character dialogue that I had recorded (I provided the voice for every character!). Each animated slide was then converted to a .wmv file and edited into Windows Movie Maker, where the videos were edited to synchronize with the audio. This “movie” took about two weeks to complete, but it certainly worth the effort to bring such an adventure to life!

Submitted by: Joseph M. From: Moody Middle School


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