Intellectual Disability Campaign

By April 2, 2013Middle School

After reading the science-fiction short story, “Flowers for Algernon,” by Daniel Keyes, students had to research seldom asked questions such as: What is Intellectual Disability? How is it defined? How are students with an intellectual disability perceived in my school community?
Students then had to create a public awareness campaign using the following scenario:
Imagine that you are an instructor at Miss K.’s night school for intellectually disabled adults. The school is trying to acquire a federal grant so the school can keep its doors open. Miss K. has assigned you the task of creating a public awareness campaign. Based on your research, you will create a product in which you provide a positive perspective about intellectual disability, as well as insight about the role of students with special needs in your community.
Students had to consider and integrate the unit question, How is my individual identity determined?, and the IB Learner Profile traits to create the campaign.

Submitted by: Suraj B. and Robin S. From: Moody Middle School
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