Industrialization Newspaper – 1

By January 17, 2013Middle School, Moody

I made a Newspaper from the industrialization period! I created this online magazine using Joomag made it a lot easier to use than publisher or word. It was easier because you did not have to stick to one boring template; I chose the blank template and made to match my style. This way no two magazines looked the same. My two articles, an editorial and a main article, were about my opinion towards Child Labor and Jane Addams in the making of the Hull House. I felt that these were some of the huge topics that were talked about in the Industrialization time Period to it was very important to include them in my articles. Making this magazine using Joomag made it a lot more fun because I got to design the magazine in any way I wanted! All of these elements really made my magazine sparkle and shine!

Direct Link to Newspaper


Submitted by: Grace M. From: Moody Middle School

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