License Renewal

Teacher License Renewal


Assisting teachers at your school with the license renewal process begins with distributing Individualized Renewal Records (IRR) and notification letters as they arrive from Staff Development.

October– Personnel with a license will receive a “Relicensure Report.  This report contains your current relicensure information on file with  HCPS staff Development.  This report will be sent to the Staff Development Planner to distribute.

November- Personnel renewing license will receive an IRR (Individual Renewal Record) and a Renewal Memo.  The planner will distribute the IRR to teachers with 180 points and completion of TSIP’s, Child Abuse, CPR, AED, First Aid training but will meet individually with teachers needing points.  The Staff Development Planner will assist these teachers with the development of a plan for meeting the relicensure requirements. The Planner will monitor periodically.

A school specific list of  personnel renewing and a copy of the November memo is also sent to the principal.

The IRR signed by the teacher, principal or designee can be sent to Staff Development starting January 1st with a check payable to the Treasurer of Virginia.

Additional responsibilities for this position include assisting teachers with filing of SD2s, and directing teachers to resources that will help them meet the Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel (TSIPs, CPR, AED, First Aid and Child Abuse requirements. Note: Child Abuse and Neglect training is a state mandate and is required of all licensed and provisional teachers. Your ITRT can help you identify teachers who need to complete the TSIP process and provide teachers with technical assistance.

Effective immediately, SD2 forms will only be accepted in January, May-June and September.  Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis for teachers renewing licenses in March.  Please notify staff of this change and help them complete SD2 forms during these time frames.  Planners should continue to complete the planner report and submit appropriate SD2s between May and June 1.

It is the responsibility of the teacher, not the planner, to track and maintain individual license renewal documentation. If teachers have questions about their individual license renewal status, they may contact James Coleman in Staff Development.

As the Staff Development liaison in your building, license renewal questions should be funneled through you. Direct individuals with questions to this online resource. Please feel free to contact the appropriate personnel for further clarification.


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Things to consider:

  • Assist teachers with the development of a system to track their SD2 forms and other license renewal related documentation.
  • Only fully licensed teachers/administrators are eligible for license renewal points. Teachers holding provisional, conditional or international licenses may not accrue points.
  • Develop a spreadsheet to track TSIP completion, child abuse completion, license renewal date, degree and other information that teachers frequently request.
  • Note: It is not recommended that you track their points for them.



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