Each student is responsible for writing down important notes and homework assignments in their agenda daily.  Second graders should spend 30 minutes on homework each school night.  Below is a guideline for homework that we will use for the entire school year.

15 minutes of time should be spent reading – your student can read books OR use the website RAZ Kids (this login information will be provided soon)

The other 15 minutes should be spent completing ONE of the following activities:

-practice addition and subtraction facts up to 20 (you can purchase flashcards at the dollar store if needed)

-use the website Study Island (this login information will be provided soon) for math practice

-free writing; at least 5 sentences using correct capitalization and punctuation

-sometimes your student will be assigned a project, so working on projects will be an option from time to time

-sometimes your student will bring a worksheet home for additional practice or review

A student is welcome to do more than the required 30 minutes, choosing additional options from above.  Please let me know if you have any questions!