Week of January 22

What are we learning this week?
Language Arts – Use word-reference materials including dictionaries, glossaries, and indices.
Phonetic strategies – Vowel Patterns – ire/ore
Math – Determine sums and differences using various methods, create and solve single step and two step practical problems involving addition and subtraction. Discuss estimating sums and differences and how rounding can be helpful when solving addition and subtraction problems.
Social Studies – locate and describe the relationship between the environment and culture of The Powhatan of the Eastern Woodlands, the Lakota of the Plains, and the Pueblo Indians of the Southwest.

Upcoming dates…
Thursday, January 23 – Powhatan Quiz

Friday, January 25, Winter  Party- Sign up here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0a44abac29a6fa7-classroom

Monday, January 27 – No School – Student Holiday/Staff Planning Day
Thursday, January 30 – Spirit Night at Longhorn 4-9
Thursday, Jan. 30 and Friday, Jan. 31 – Reading Benchmark
Monday, Feb. 3 and Tuesday, Feb. 4  – Math Benchmark
Tuesday, February 11 – American Indian Projects due

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