Week of December 16-20

What are we learning this week?
Language Arts – Identify the main idea when reading nonfiction texts.
Phonetic strategies – Vowel Patterns  UI/EW
Math – Estimate sums and differences, determine sums and differences using various methods, create and solve single step and two step practical problems involving addition and subtraction.
Science – Plants and Animals are interdependent with their living and nonliving surroundings, an animal’s habitat provides all of its basic needs, habitats change over time due to many influences.
Social Studies – Describe winter holidays in different cultures.

Upcoming dates…
Wednesday, Dec. 18 – Young Scientists Lesson – in classroom
Wednesday, Dec. 18 – Math quiz – two digit addition and subtraction without regrouping
Dec. 23- Jan. 3 – Winter Break; School starts on Monday, Jan. 6
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