A Message From Coach LeClair

Good morning CTES Families!

Welcome back! My name is Tyler LeClair and I am your student’s Health and PE Teacher. I wanted to take a second and explain a couple things that may have changed in PE this year! First off, I am excited to introduce Paige Honbarrier who is the new full time PE assistant this year. Paige and I will be teaching all classes together, all year long! Your student will have PE twice per week for 40 minutes each time. Our curriculum is packed full of academic health content including nutrition, bones and muscles, hearth health, the five components of fitness and much more! We will also be learning a lot from the Fitness, Motor Skill Development and Social and Emotional/Safety domains of Physical Education. Your students will call me Coach or Coach LeClair and they will call Paige, Ms. Paige (her last name is a tough one).

I also wanted to send a couple of our goals/expectations this year so you know them along with your students:

-Students are expected to wear proper attire during their PE days. This includes PE shoes (comfortable shoes that tie, Velcro and stay on the feet while running and exercising). This is a safety issue in our class. Crocs, boots, flip flops, sandals and dress shoes are examples of footwear that would not be considered safe on PE days. Also, comfortable clothes (according to the dress code), so your child can move safely and comfortably in the gym. Dresses, while very pretty, are not ideal on PE days.

-Students are expected to participate in PE class to the best of their ability unless they have a doctor’s note preventing them from doing so.

-Students are expected to be polite and respectful to each other while in PE class. The PE environment is that of a safe, welcoming place where everyone learns teamwork and how to play together the right way.

**If, for some reason, students are not acting according to these goals we just ask that they sit out for a little bit. It’s our way of giving them a breather, letting them collect themselves and returning to the game when they are ready to participate safely.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to invite everyone to register for the Regency Mile (formerly known as the Shot Pump Mile). Our school has done very well with participation in the past! The top schools, according to participation, will receive a cash reward to be spent on new PE equipment! The event is definitely not mandatory, but students who attend usually have a great time! It is a very cool event. I’ll be talking about it in class leading up to the event on October 27th. The link for more information is below.


Thank you! Ms. Paige and I look forward to a great year! If you ever have any questions about our Health and PE program please feel free to e-mail me anytime!

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