How many seeds in a pumpkin? Fall Math Exploration

The students explored measurement, estimation and counting after reading the the book How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin by Margaret McNamara. We also learned a lot about pumpkins in the process of figuring out  which pumpkin would have the most seeds. Does the smallest or largest pumpkin  have the most seeds? Does the size of the pumpkin even matter when it comes to the number of seeds?

What is your hypothesis?

Help Save Fred!!

While working on the Scientifc Method we had a challenge!

Only You Can Help to Save Fred

Fred has been spending his summer boating on the Chesapeake Bay.  But he’s not too bright (after all, the brains of worms are pretty
small☺) He’s never learned how to swim and he never wears his life preserver. The worst has happened! His boat has capsized and he’s stuck! Fortunately, his life preserver is in the boat, but unfortunately he does not know how to reach it without falling off and drowning.

We used the Scientific Method to help save Fred.

Problem: How can you and your partner save Fred using 2 paperclips. You cannot
touch Fred, the boat or the life preserver with your hands.

It was  more of a team-building problem solving initiative rather than a yes/no answer. HYPOTHESIS: However, what they figured out is, that if they work together, then one person maneuvers Fred (without hooking or stabbing  him) and the other uses the paper clips to stretch the gummy lifesaver for him to slip on.

What did you learn about cooperation from this activity? Leave me a reply.

Here is a photo of the first pair figure out how to SAVE FRED! They shared their answer after we all tried several methods!

Welcome to Third Grade!


Welcome to the 2016-17 school year and Mrs. Newton’s third grade class.

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I am exicted to be starting a new year and can ‘t wait to meet all of my new students. Leave me a reply and let me know something fun that you did this summer!

Looking forward to seeing you on at Back to School Night on  September 14th at 6:30.

Mark Your Calendar for these fun fall SPES events! 

Gelati Celesti Spirit Night- August 30 6-8 PM

Back to School Night- September 14th  6:30 PM

Half-day for Students- September 21st  (11:05 dismissal for students)

Papa John’s Pizza Delivery Night- September 26th

Invite Grandparents to Lunch- September 28th

Picture Day- October 6th (Retakes November 13th)

Half-day for students- October 9th

Say “BOO” to bullying wak- October 17th

PTA Trunk or Treat- October 20th from 6-8 PM

Hour of Code











We had a blast doing an Hour of Code on Friday.  The students were very into it and would love to get more coding experience.

Here is the link to the coding activities. Let your child explore this at home.  There are hour of code lessons or you can explore the courses offered. Happy coding!!