Week 17

Hmmmmm snow or no snow???? That is the question.

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Ready or not, middle school is coming!  On Monday, Dr. Fellows, the principal of Holman Middle School, as well as Mrs. Walter, one of the counselors, visited us at the Park to talk about middle school.  Students brought paperwork home in their Monday Springer Folder about important dates for parents.  At the end of the month, your child’s math teacher and I will begin the process of recommending courses for your soon to be sixth grader.   More information to follow.

A sign up genius for parent teacher conferences will go live Sunday evening, be on the lookout.

We were also treated to a performance by the Richmond Symphony.

In the classroom…

In reading, we worked on character traits and how they differ from emotions.  We are doing some character studies on different book characters.   One of the books we read was My Rotten Red Headed Brother and then we began the novel Because of Mr. Terupt, which talks about 7 different characters, all fifth graders.

Image result for character traits anchor charts

In science, we continued to discuss the function of different organelles of plant and animal cells.  We listened to a rap that was not only fun but educational.   Try getting this song out of your head!           https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zafJKbMPA8

In social studies, students worked collaboratively to research a southeastern state.  We love our new Chromebooks!

In writing, we are  working on snow globe stories.   Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be trapped in a snow globe?  Well,  students brainstormed ideas and created stories about how they got trapped in a snow globe and then how they escaped.

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With middle school on the horizon, we have talked a lot this week about organization, time management, and being responsible for one’s belongings.  Students are certainly allowed to work on classwork at home, if they get behind.   However, students are given a fair amount of class time to complete assignments.  Please periodically check PowerSchool to keep up to date on your child’s grades.  Nobody likes a surprise, when it comes to grades.

Whatever weather we get this weekend, I hope you all have a safe, warm and cozy weekend!

And my favorite picture from reading buddies this week!

Important Dates and Reminders:

Monday, 1/21 – School Closed

Friday, 1/24 – end of 2nd 9 weeks

Monday, 1/28 – No School for students

Thursday, 1/31 – Field Trip (Info coming home Monday)


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Happy New Year! 2019 is Looking Bright!

It is hard to believe this is the first post of 2019!   I hope your family enjoyed a joyful, relaxing holiday break, and I wish you a happy new year!  We have lots to look forward to in fifth grade!

 It’s always tough to return to a routine, but we eased our way back into reality with a two day week.  Thank you students and families for your positivity and motivation through these first days back.  Learning is back on track in room A6!

This coming week, students will have their usual reading homework, we will start a new vocabulary unit, and begin a fun writing prompt in class.  Also on Monday, Holman Middle School counselors will us to talk about middle school!  Please keep an eye out for details about course selections coming home soon. Also, on Monday, permission slips for our first field trip will come home.

A look at our first of 2019….

In science, we explored plant and animal cells.  Students learned that cells are the building blocks of life and make up all living things.  We explored some basic parts, or organelles, including the nucleus, vacuoles, cytoplasm, cell membrane, and cell wall.

Image result for plant and animal cells

In social studies, students did some research on a southeastern state and created a postcard to represent that state.

Image result for postcard clip art

In reading, we practiced our comprehension strategies and read about how other countries celebrate New Year’s. We also read about Duke Ellington and listened to some of his music.

Image result for new year clip art

Important Dates and Reminders:

Monday, 1/7 – Holman Counselors visit SPES

Friday, 1/11 – Parts of a cell quiz

Monday, 1/21 – School Closed

Friday, 1/24 – end of 2nd 9 weeks

Monday, 1/28 – No School for students

Thursday, 1/31 – Field Trip (Info coming home Monday)




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Good Bye 2018 – Week 15

2018…That’s a wrap!

                                                              Some festive friends!
We ended the year with a super busy 3 days!  We received are our new Chromebooks and put them to good use right away!  We first wrote to the Grinch persuading him to smile more.  Then we were faced with trying to persuade one of Santa’s reindeer to step up in and fill in for Rudolph, who was sick with the reinflu.   Of course, you can be way more persuasive when you are wearing a Rudolph nose!

Then we work on a STEM activity trying to create a parachute that would provide a safe landing for Santa, since his sleigh was stuck in a tree!  Students had to work collaboratively to design and build a parachute and basket.    Three of our eight groups were successful!

We also finally finished reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and got to watch the movie (another classic from the 80s)!

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, DVD - One of my all time favorite Christmas movies.

Then every last minute was filled on Wednesday.  Students performed their show Snow Biz twice!   With missing practices due to snow days, we had to work even harder to be ready but the show must go on and it was fantastic!

Finally, we had out holiday party on Wednesday afternoon!   Wow, I cannot thank parents enough for all the time and effort that went into planning our party.  The word on the street was that we had the best treat table in the building.    Hopefully, you see the silver bunch bowl, Santa hat grapes and caprese kabobs in the picture!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!   And if you can sneak in a ReadTheory or some ReflexMath that would be awesome too!   Don’t forget December Book It charts will be due January 3rd   – it’s extra credit!  Just record your book title and the number of minutes you have read!

 Happy Holidays and I will see you in 

Image result for 2019 clipart

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Week 14

Image result for christmas lights snowman clipart

Well, that was a short week!  Thank you for your support with our condensed schedule as we work to fit everything in before the holiday break.

I have some fun festive writing assignments set up for this week that that involve reindeer and the Grinch.

We will also be participating in a STEAM activity involving Santa and a broken sleigh this week.

Image result for santa broken sleigh clipart

We will also be discussing topics and participating in classroom lessons to build our digital citizenship skills.

The show must go on! We are working hard at putting the finishing touches on our holiday performance of Snow Biz.  We are performing at 8:30 AM and 9:30 AM on Wednesday, December 19.  Parents are welcome!

We said good-bye to our friend Connor this week.  We wish him and his family well as their start a new adventure in Texas!


Important Dates and Reminders:

12/18 – Ocean Quiz – study guide went home Friday

12/19 – Snow Biz performance – 8:30 & 9:30

12/19 – Holiday Party 1:00 PM

12/20 – 1/3 – Winter Break




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Week 13

Hello December!

Image result for december clip art

This week, the Holman Middle School Band and Chorus visited Springfield Park.  We were treated to some great music and got to learn about the different instruments that make up the strings ensemble and the band.  Information will come home Monday in Springer Folders about some events Holman Middle School Band will be offering in the spring.

In social studies, students did an excellent job on their states capitals quiz! Next week, we will discuss the natural resources and significant landmarks of the Southeast Region.

In science, we will finish up oceans next week with a lesson in the library.  Look for a study guide coming home at the beginning of the week.

In reading, students explored narrative nonfiction as a unique style of nonfiction. This type of nonfiction is based on real people, places, and events while telling a story.  We  read a nonfiction story about the history of Hanuakkak.  Then we read Hershal and the Hanukkah Goblins and created story cubes about the conflict, setting, protagonist and antagonist of the story.

Kipper spent last weekend hanging out with Ryan!

We are working on a special secret project – it will be coming home soon!

Important Dates and Reminders:

12/14 – All unclaimed Lost & Found items will be donated

12/19 – Holiday Performance @ 8:30 AM and 9:30 AM and Classroom Holiday Party @ 1:00

12/20-1/2- Winter Break

Time to break out the SNOW superstitions…I’ll definitely be wearing my jammies inside out! Let’s bring on the snow! Stay safe and warm this weekend!

Oh, we had a special lunchtime viewing of Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas!   This was one of my favorite holiday specials growing up!    Can’t you tell from the picture how much the kiddos are enjoying it?!  Look at those faces!!!

Image result for emmet otter jug band christmas

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Week 12

Image result for cute turkey clipart

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break!  We had a busy first week back!

Our week started with a classroom spelling bee.  Hannah was our classroom winner and Yasir was our runner up.   Hannah then went on to represent our class in the grade level spelling bee.  Although Hannah didn’t win, she was the runner up!   Great job Hannah and Yasir!

We are busy practicing  for our holiday program “Snowbiz.”   Next week we will start rehearsing on the stage.  A letter from Mrs. Heath will come home Monday in Springer Folders with more information.

Image result for music notes clip art

On Thursday, we had our Family Life lesson and the class handled the grown up information very maturely!

In social studies, students began to learn the states and capitals of the Southeast region! We also discussed how the geography of the land affects the way people live.

On the Tuesday, before Thanksgiving Break, we had some fun science rotations to help us with our unit on oceans.  Next wee, We will learn how human impact affects the ocean’s ecosystem.

We are almost done with our holiday writing – “A Gift to the World.”

Thank you again for all the can donations!   We collected over 200 cans just in room A6!   That was amazing!   However, that was not enough to make me the turkey queen.  Always a bridesmaid!

Thank you to Landon for hosting Kipper at his house 2 weekends ago!

Some elves making the room festive for the holidays!

Image result for holiday light clipart

Important Dates and Reminders:

12/14 – All unclaimed Lost & Found items will be donated

12/19 – Holiday Performance @ 8:30 AM and 9:30 AM and Classroom Holiday Party @ 1:00

12/20-1/2- Winter Break

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Week 11

“What are you grateful for?”  That was the question that was posed to students this week.  They placed their answers on our grateful flag, which is now proudly hanging outside our classroom!  Speaking of grateful… I would like to take this opportunity to say how grateful I am to be part of such a wonderful school and that I am truly thankful for a wonderful classroom full of 23 students.  I wish you all a wonderful, relaxing, holiday weekend!

Image result for thankful clip art

In science, this week we explored the ocean floor and learned about the currents and what causes tides.  On Tuesday, November 20, we will have a fun science lab day to further our study of oceans.  Thank you to all the parents that donated supplies!

Image result for ocean floor clip art diagram

In language arts, we are working on a writing assignment called “My Gift to the World.”  Students were asked to contribute a gift to the world to make it a better place.  We also continued to work in small reading groups on our novels.

This week for reading buddies, the fifth graders helped their little buddies follow directions to create a turkey and then write a short story about having a per turkey.  I love watching the fifth graders in the role of teacher!

So it looks like becoming the Turkey Queen of Springfield Park may become a reality for me.  Jonathan and his dad wheeled down a huge can donation on Friday!  Thank you to all the families that donated!  We will have our assembly on Tuesday, November 20th.  I will let you know the results!

November 13th was World Kindness Day, so for our morning meeting, we spent some time complimenting each other.  The goal was to compliment 5 people that day.  I think our class surpassed that goal!

World Kindness Day inspired the class do some more kind things.  I cannot tell you the details but I will give you a hint – Ninja Turkey!

Odds and Ends:

-Students were given their parts in our holiday musical!

-There will be no homework or vocabulary next week!

-In addition to ReadThory, there are 2 more great sites students can use for practice:

ReflexMath and IXL for math and language arts.  Students have their login information.

Important Dates and Reminders:

11/20- PJ Day/Report cards go home

11/21-11/23- Thanksgiving break

11/29 – Family Life

12/14 – All unclaimed Lost & Found items will be donated

12/19 -Classroom Holiday Party @ 1:00

12/20-1/2- Winter break

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Week 10

Falling into the second nine weeks!

We officially made it through the first quarter of fifth grade! The students worked so hard, and I am very proud of them. I am excited to see what the new 9 weeks will bring.   It was wonderful getting to meet with so many parents during conferences.  I truly enjoyed getting to sit down with you and talking about your child’s successes.

Reading- We completed our study of nonfiction summarizing and continued to work on homophones.  In writing, we have done some fun Thanksgiving writing this week and next week we will start our next prompt.

Social Studies- We concluded our unit on Henrico County with a look at the start of Henrico County Public Schools and what Henrico County has to offer us today.

Last week I forgot to include a picture of Myles’ weekend with Kipper.  And this past weekend, Kipper traveled all the way to Texas with Connor!

We also enjoyed a visit from Theatre IV on Thursday!

Important Dates and Reminders

We will continue to collect cans until November 16th.

11/20 – PJ day/Report cards go home

11/21-11/23  – Thanksgiving Break

11/29 –  Family Life – information will come home on Monday






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Week 9

Image result for november clipart

I hope everybody had a fun night of trick or treating on Halloween!

Students shared their first book report projects on Monday.  They did an amazing job!  I was so impressed with their finished products and how well students followed directions.

In reading this week, we completed our study of nonfiction summarizing with a passage about bats.  In the new 9 weeks, we will be taking our reading comprehension quizzes on the computer using Interactive Achievement.

In writing, the students completed a final writing prompt for the first quarter on what Frankenstein was like as a kid.  The students shared their stories with their first grade reading buddies today.  The first graders were so impressed!

We also did a fun writing activity where students had to write very specific directions about how to design a pumpkin.  Then students exchanged directions and tried to create a twin pumpkin!   We did get some twins!

In science, we finished up our unit on rocks!   Students really rocked their test today!

Image result for rocks cartoon clip art

In social studies, we talked about the Henrico County seal and students started to create a school or class seal of their own.

Today we also started to set goals for the new 9 weeks.  I will share these goals with parents at parent teacher conferences on Monday or Tuesday.

Image result for goal setting clip art

Important Dates & Reminders

Gobble, Gobble! It is time for us to start collecting canned goods for our Turkey King and Queen Contest. We are collecting canned goods from November 1st– 16th.

  • Monday, November 5: End of Quarter 1/Parent Teacher Conferences PM
  • Tuesday, November 6:Parent Teacher Conferences AM/NO SCHOOL
  • Tuesday, November 13– PTA meeting will be held on at 7:00 PM in the gym.
  • November 12 – SPES PTA spirit night at Potbelly Sandwich Shop (10921 W. Broad Street) on November 12, 2018 from 4PM-9PM
  • November 20 –  PJ day/Report cards go home
  • November 21-23 – Thanksgiving Break

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Week 8

Eek! What a Wonderful Week!

In reading, we continued our unit on summarizing nonfiction texts.  Students have been practicing using their strategies to locate the main idea and supporting details.  Next week, we will conclude this unit by reading about Bats.  We have also started our small reading groups and each group is reading a novel.  Ask your child what novel they are reading.

In honor of Halloween, we  read an old favorite Room on the Broom and even watched the video.  Students enjoyed comparing the book and video.  I have a few more fun Halloween books lined up for this week.

Image result for room on the broom

In writing, students worked on finalizing their 5 paragraph Frankenstein essays.  Students got to flex their creative writing muscle by writing what Frankenstein was like as a kid.  Next Friday, students will share their stories with their first grade reading buddy.Image result for frankenstein kid

In science, we visited the library to work on rock stations.  Students practiced identifying and classifying rocks and got to make a yummy layers of the earth model.

Students also presented their rock presentations to the class.

The bully walk on Friday was awesome!   Students really enjoyed lending a hand to stop bullying.

Also twinning is winning! Students took the opportunity to twin very seriously!  Look at all the twins!

Kipper had a great time with Jake last weekend!   This weekend Kipper gets to hang out with Myles.

Thank you so much to all the parents that donated their time and sent in candy to make Trunk or Treat an awesome event!   Our doorway looked amazing!   Thank you so much to Mrs. Rice and Mrs. Copley for recreating the movie Hocus Pocus!   And thank you to all the parents that helped set up, pass out candy and clean up.  You guys are awesome!

And thank you to Ryan’s family for donating more recess equipment to our classroom!  It is being put to good use!

Lastly, ask you child about our “Positive Post-its!”

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