MIddle School – here they come!!!

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Well, here we are at the end of a milestone year in your child’s life,  the last year of elementary school. You all came in with big expectations and trusted me with your precious children. Can you believe how much they have grown? They have learned so much this year academically and just as importantly they leave with memories of fun, a joy of learning, an excitement about their new knowledge, and friendships to rekindle in middle school.  Although we all look forward to the last day as a completion and celebration of all that we have accomplished, it is also the beginning of a new adventure. I will definitely miss seeing these kids’ smiling faces bouncing in my door each morning. It has been an honor to be a part of their lives.  Thank you to the parents that shared pictures of the 5th grade awards assembly with me.  I loved seeing your children all dressed up!  Below is the reason I missed the ceremony –

We wrapped up 5th Grade with one last picture!

Middle School, here they come!

2018-2019 is a wrap!

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Almost there

Hello June!

Image result for hello june clip artNow that testing is over, we have been able to have some fun theme days!   On Monday, students worked collaboratively to complete some engineering challenges!   I think we have some future engineers and architects in our class!

Camping day was a lot of fun.  We built tents, made “fireflies” and attempted to make s’mores in a solar oven!

On super hero day, students created their own super heroes and on beach day we listened to some Beach Boys and made sand art in the rain!

Lots of fun and memories being made this week!

Here is a look at next week:

Monday, June 10th – Career & Game Day – Our morning will include rotations designed by our school counselors as we hear from several professionals.  In the afternoon, we will enjoy some class games and students may bring a board game from home.

Tuesday, June11th – Student Holiday

Wednesday, June 12th – Packing Day – Please send your student with a brown paper bag to help carry their materials home. We will be packing up our things and taking them home for the summer! We will complete one final class project and enjoy a BMX show at 12:35.

Thursday, June 13th –Awards/Fifth Grade Day – Students should dress nicely for the awards assembly at 8:30.

Friday, June 14th – Last Day – ½ Day – Fun day! Students will need to bring a snack & their yearbook for signing! We’ll attend the SCA assembly, learn the winner of the Teacher Pie in the Face contest, enjoy popsicles & a year-end slideshow Then it’s hugs & wishes for a great summer!!

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Week 35

It’s time to celebrate…SOL testing is done! I am so proud of these 5th graders for all their hard work and perseverance during these last 3 weeks of testing. I can’t wait to share their scores with them in their Q4 report cards!

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Social Studies- We completed our West region states and capitals quiz. Next week, we will continue to learn about the Western region.  And very soon, we will take a post assessment on all 50 states and capitals.  Students took a pretest of the 50 states on their first week of 5th grade, and I think they will be amazed when they compare their pre and post assessments.

Reading:  Students worked on their Andrew Clements novel activities.  This is an in-class project and students have been given a lot of time to complete these activities.

Crystal Ball Writing was the only homework students had last week.  We will share projects with the class on Tuesday.  I can’t wait to hear what students think their lives will be like in 25 years!

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*Please check PowerSchool for updates on grades and missing assignments.  The end of the 9 weeks is quickly approaching.

Since Mother Nature won our first attempt at Tug of War, we decided we needed a rematch!  Students were excited for a rematch and showed great teamwork and good sportsmanship!

We hardly ever get to play on the playground at recess, so when we had an opportunity, students took full advantage!  

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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Important Dates and Reminders:

6/11 – Student Holiday

6/13 – Awards Ceremony, 8:30 am

6/12 – Last Day of School/Half Day/Report Cards go home




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Week 34

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We’re in the Endgame now!   This week, we worked hard to prepare for the science SOL and rocked it!  Next week, we tackle math! Keep up the great work… two down and only one more SOL to go!

Math SOL – Tuesday and Wednesday

The fifth grade did a lovely job performing at the ice cream social!

As testing winds down, we are diving into our Andrew Clements novel study in reading. Throughout the remainder of the year, we will explore our novels and students will work from a menu choice board to complete activities related to their novel.

We are finally headed out West in Social Studies!  We will work on capitals, abbreviations and land formations.  Notes will come home on Monday.


In English, we will be working with Latin and Greek roots.  There will also be take home writing assignment coming home on Monday.

Kipper spent a fun weekend at Eli’s home last weekend!

And just hanging out in music learning to play the ukulele!

Important Dates and Reminders:

5/21-22  –   5th Grade Math SOL

5/27 – Memorial Day Holiday – No School

6/11 – Student Holiday

6/13 – Awards Ceremony, 8:30 am



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Week 33

THANK YOU! I have never felt so appreciated as I did this week. Thank you all for the thoughtful notes, gift cards, flowers, candy, and presents. I am overwhelmed by all the generosity and love I have received this week. It has truly been the best school week! I am grateful to work with such supportive families!  One of the children declared it Teacher Christmas and it certainly felt that way!

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One SOL down… two to go!  This week students took the reading SOL test!  They are off to a strong start–arriving on time, working carefully, and using strategies learned this year.  Next week, we will take the science SOL test.  Remember, this assessment covers both fourth AND fifth grade science content, so there’s a wealth of information to review.  This coming week we will review fourth grade content.

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In language arts, we will continue to grow our minds through reading.  We are beginning an author study about Andrew Clements.  Students were allowed to choose one of three Andrew Clements novels. We are also working on our quotes writing project.  This is an in class project but parents will get to see it!

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Social studies has taken a back seat to science lately.  But we will pick it back up right after the Science SOL.

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PTA Performance: The 5th grade chorus will perform at the PTA meeting on Tuesday, May 14th at 6:30 pm. Students should arrive at 6:15 pm. wearing their field day t-shirts or a Springfield Park t-shirt and jeans or dress code appropriate shorts.  The ice cream social will follow the meeting and performance.

Students are enjoying their new gaga pit at recess!

Important Dates and Reminders:

5/14 – PTA Meeting & Performance, Ice Cream Social

5/17 -5th Grade Science SOL

5/21-22  –   5th Grade Math SOL

5/27 – Memorial Day Holiday – No School

6/11 – Student Holiday

6/13 – Awards Ceremony, 8:30 am

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there!

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Weeks 31 and 32

Donut Stress… because we are going to do our BEST on the SOL Reading test!

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Next week, we will begin our journey through SOL testing! Students will start with their Reading SOLs first. Please be sure students are well rested, have had a good breakfast, dressed comfortably, and most importantly come ready to show what they know! We have learned and grown so much this year. I am positive we’re going to rock this test out!

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Review! Review! Review! In reading this week, we reviewed fiction and nonfiction strategies as the students explored SOL released tests. The students practiced their stop and jot strategies and reviewed skills such as character analysis, plot and conflict, and main idea/summarizing.  An extra credit assignment went home today!  It is optional yet encouraged!

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In science, we are in full review mode!   We are finishing up our light unit and reviewing 4th grade concepts as well.  Starting next week, students will have a brief nightly science homework assignment.

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In social studies, our next stop will be the Western region of the United States.  Students will explore the states and capitals in the region as well as the natural resources, economic opportunities, and significant features.

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We said good bye to our friend Halle this week.  We wish her and her family good luck as they start a new chapter of their lives in Tennessee!

Love watching the reading buddies interact!!   It warms my heart!

Important Dates and Reminders:

5/ 9 – 5th Grade Reading SOL (part 1)

5/10 – 5th Grade Reading SOL (part 2)

5/14 – PTA Meeting/Ice Cream Social – 5th Grade Performs

5/17 -5th Grade Science SOL

5/21 –    5th Math SOL (part 1)

5/22 –  5th Math SOL (part 2)



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Week 30

On Friday, students participated in the Run2Read event to celebrate our love of reading and our former librarian, Diane Strait.  Activities included songs, art, reading and running laps around the track.  To help show our love and kindness, students donated books for the Children’s Hospital in Richmond.  It was a wonderful day!

In reading, students reviewed main idea and summarizing as we worked through the stop and jot process. This skill is highly valuable as we prepare for SOL testing.  In writing, we continued reviewing editing strategies including possessives and commas.

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In science, students worked cooperatively to make musical instruments that were able to show pitch and volume.  Students were also tasked with creating a google slide to explain how their instrument worked.  This week we will begin our unit on light.

In social studies, students will explore the Southwest region of the United States and identify the states and capitals as well as the significant land and water features.

Kipper spent a great weekend with Michael!

Important Dates and Reminders:

*Poetry Projects Due Tuesday!

4/23 – Report Cards Go Home/Book Fair/Spirit Night at Chipotle

4/26 – Spring Carnival

5/ 9 – 5th Grade Reading SOL (part 1)

5/10 – 5th Grade Reading SOL (part 2)

5/17 -5th Grade Science SOL

5/21 –    5th Math SOL (part 1)

5/22 –  5th Math SOL (part 2)

Related image

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Week 29

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Welcome back! I hope your family enjoyed some well-deserved rest and relaxation over spring break.  Students did a great job returning to our routine this week and buckling down to start this final quarter off right!  Thank you for your continued support at home!

It was great seeing so many parents on Field Day!   We had a great morning of fun events.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans for us for the afternoon.  Even through the students were disappointed, they took the inclement weather like champs!

The spring math NWEA Test is Tuesday. Students have worked SO hard this year to strengthen their math and reading skills.   I was very excited about the growth they showed on their Reading MAPs Test and can’t wait to see their Math MAPs growth!  Please ensure your child is present, well-rested, dressed comfortably, and eats a good breakfast for this long testing days.

In reading, we will explore comparing and contrasting characters, settings, and events in both fiction and nonfiction. The students will study the similarities and differences between stories as they utilize Venn diagrams.   We will continue to read our class novel Bridge to Terabithia.  Our vocabulary words are being taken from the novel for the next couple of weeks.   Our vocabulary quiz will be tomorrow.

We are wrapping up our poetry unit with a small poetry project.  I can’t wait to hear students recite their poems.  Pleas encourage your child to practice in front of the mirror or even video themselves presenting so they can critique themselves.

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In science, we are working on sound.  Students are working in groups to make their own musical instruments that show pitch and volume.  We will have a quiz on the sound study cards Tuesday.

In social studies, we are still hanging out in the Midwest!

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If you have not signed up to donate a gift card for our basket for the Spring Carnival, please consider donating.  I am excited to experience my first Spring Carnival at “The Park!”

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Run2Read- Strait to the Heart – This Friday, April 19th we will celebrate our love of reading and our former librarian, Diane Strait.  We will have activities from 8:20-10:30 am including songs, art, reading and running a lap around the track.  To help show our love and kindness we ask that each child bring in a new book for Children’s Hospital in Richmond.  All are encouraged to wear SPES spirit wear or school colors with comfortable shoes.  We appreciate your support of this wonderful event!

Important Dates and Reminders:

Monday, April 15 – Vocabulary Quiz

Tuesday, April 16 – NWEA Math MAPs Test/Sound Cards Quiz

Friday, April 19th – 1/2 day / Run to Read

Monday, April 22 – Student Holiday

Tuesday, April 23 – Report cards go home, PTA Spirit Night at Chipotle, Poetry Projects Due

Tuesday, April 23 – Friday, April 26 – Scholastic Book Fair

Friday, April 26th – PTA Spring Carnival





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Happy Spring Break!

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Well, that’s a wrap on the 3rd Nine Weeks and Hello Spring Break!

Today was Theme Day!   What a fun way to wrap up the 3rd Quarter!  We were treated to a puppet show, a magic show and a sing a-long!

On Thursday, we traveled to Mt. Vernon!

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The weather was wonderful, the grounds were beautiful, the kids were well behaved and if you were on Bus 1, it was HOT!    Here are some pictures parents shared with me (I can’t believe I didn’t take any of my own pictures) from the trip.

Kipper spent last weekend with Hannah!


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Here is a note from Mrs. Rice, our class room mom, about the upcoming spring carnival:

The Spring Carnival & Silent Auction is the biggest fundraiser of the year for SPES. This year, the Spring Carnival and Silent Auction will be held on Friday, April 26th.  Each classroom is asked to put together a classroom basket which is auctioned off as a means to help fund school activities.

The theme for the class basket is “ Dinner Out”.  We would like to make our basket a gift card basket to various “family-friendly” restaurants around the West End.  Gift card baskets are very popular and tend to get the highest bids. If your family would like to participate, please sign up for a gift card to help support this important event.  We are unable to accept cash donations.  I’ve included a link below for the sign-up genius page.  At your earliest convenience, please check out available sign ups.


Gift cards will be due by Monday, April 22nd.  You can send them to school to Mrs. Bae’s attention in a sealed envelope marked “Mrs. Bae; Silent Auction Basket”.  Please include your students name.

Have a wonderful spring break and if you are traveling be safe!  I will see you all in April!

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Important Dates and Reminders:

Monday, April 1st – Friday, April 5th – Spring Break

Friday, April 12th – Field Day! (Rain date: Monday, April 15th)

Friday, April 19th – 1/2 day

Monday, April 22 – Student Holiday

Tuesday, April 23 – Report cards go home, PTA Spirit Night at Chipotle

Tuesday, April 23 – Friday, April 26 – Scholastic Book Fair

Friday, April 26th – PTA Spring Carnival





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Week 27

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On Monday, we had a great visit from Steven K. Smith, author of the Virginia Mystery series books.  He talked to the students about his books and about the writing process.  His visit inspired us to do some writing.  Students are actively writing a story called “The Mystery at Springfield Park.” There may or may not be kangaroos in the story.

We continue to work on poetry.  This week students created something called Blackout Poetry.  The idea is to take an old book page and black out all but 20 words to create a free verse poem.  I was so impressed with some of the end results!

We also worked on proofreading and following directions, which needed some refreshers.  As rising 6th graders, students have to make it a habit of proofreading their own work and making sure they are not skipping questions or leaving questions blank.  We will continue to work on this.

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 Social Studies-  This week we began our unit on the Midwest region of the United States. We had a quiz on the location of the states today and next week we will explore capitals and abbreviations.  Students are working in small groups to create a Google Slide presentation of a Midwestern state.

Image result for midwest region states and capitals map

Science – We are finishing up our unit matter.  Student will present their Atoms We Eat poster on Monday.  Some posters have already come in and they look awesome!

Look for an e-mail later today about our field trip to Mt. Vernon!

Important Dates and Reminders:

3/25 – Atoms We Eat Project Due

3/26 NWEA Reading Test

3/27- Mount Vernon Field Trip

3/29- Theme Day and Half Day for students

4/1- 4/5- Spring Break



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