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The Cardinal Way is the Way to Be!

RRICK is making it’s way around our busy building! Students are refocusing their energy and attention to putting the Cardinal Way into ACTION!

What is RRICK, you wonder? RRICK stands for Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Creativity, and Kindness.  These are qualities that your Cardinal Nation teachers and staff determined where the bedrock for successful and productive citizens.

At home, you can encourage your little cardinals to try their best, to be their best every day and to honor the Cardinal Way.

More to come very soon!

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Happy Summer!

Thank you everyone for a wonderful school year! We hope you enjoy every moment of sunshine, rest, and relaxation.

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CRACKing the Code for Success by Finishing Strong!

The 4th quarter is upon us and we are busy learning those remaining Standards of Learning as well as reviewing for upcoming SOL tests.  To keep our focus through these last weeks, we have started our annual campaign to FINISH STRONG! This year, Hannah Tittermary supplied our theme: Cracking the Code to Success for the five week campaign.  Each week has a different focus that correlates with CRACKing:

  • C: Critical Thinking at work.
  • R: Rise up to the challenge.
  • A: Attitude is everything!
  • C: Choose grit!
  • K: Know it, Show it!

3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students earn tickets each day for embodying the weekly focus. Tickets earn them a chance to win a prize each week! One winner is selected from each class each week!



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November Theme – Be Alert, Be Aware, Careers are Everywhere!

Our November classroom lessons focused on career awareness for all grade levels.  Grades K-2 explored different careers, read career-themed books, and brainstormed careers they would be interested in having as adults.  Grades 3-5 completing interest inventories, explored the 16 Career Clusters, and set career-related goals.

We hope everyone enjoyed Career Day on 11/13 and want to thank all of the volunteers who joined us to share their careers with our students!

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October Theme – Bully-Free is the Way to Be

October is National Bullying Awareness Month.  We will begin visiting classrooms for the month of October on 10/5.

Kindergarten – What is a bully, and what can you do about it?  Featuring Ferdinand the Bull.

1st Grade – Review of bullying vocabulary, featuring Bully B.E.A.N.S.

2nd Grade – New strategies for responding to bullying from Simon’s Hook!

3rd Grade – Introducing the concepts of bystanders and upstanders!  Featuring The Brand New Kid.

4th Grade – Peer pressure as related to bullying.

5th Grade – Cyberbullying featuring the Garfield Infinite Learning Lab.

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Seeking Speakers for Career Day!

Dear Parents,

Career Day will be held at SGES on Friday, November 13, 2015. We are looking for volunteers to speak to a grade level about the following: the type of career he/she has, how and why he/she chose that career, and what students can be doing now to prepare for a career in that field.  No career is too big or small – we welcome participants from all areas of the work force!  

Please download our invitation form and return it to school with your child.  We look forward to sharing the world of work with our students!


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September Theme – Responsibility

This week Mrs. Askins and Mrs. Brown will begin visiting classrooms to discuss responsibility!

Kindergarten – Students will meet their counselors, learn about the counselor’s job in the school, and begin exploring feelings.

1st Grade – What does responsibility mean?  How can we always act responsibly?  Read “David Goes to School”

2nd Grade – Responsibility T-Chart: What  does responsible behavior look like?  Sound like?

3rd Grade – Responsibility self-assessment

4th Grade – Responsibility via time management – how can I manage my time to meet all of my obligations?

5th – Responsibility for one’s own learning; learning styles self-assessment

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Welcome Back Cardinals

 What’s Your Super Power??2015 - Cardinals are Superheroes

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