Six Lit Birthday CandlesThe Skipwith Birthday Book Club is a wonderful way to celebrate our students and their enjoyment of reading!  Your participation not only enriches the Library, but also allows you to be personally involved in the growth of our collection!

If you would like to contribute to the Skipwith Birthday Book Club, simply complete the form below and send it in to your child’s teacher along with a check for $10 payable to Skipwith Elementary School.  We prefer forms come in at the beginning of the year, but we will accept them all year long!  Please write  Birthday Book Club in the memo line.  Your Skipwith student will be invited to select a Brand new book from the Birthday Book Basket.  A special Bookplate will be placed inside the front cover will include your child’s name, birthday and grade.

One or near your child’s birthday they will be asked to come to the library to select the birthday book.  They will also receive a birthday bookmark and have their picture taken for our special birthday display in the library.    Children with summer birthdays may choose a birthday book right away or wait for their half birthday (or on any date you indicate).  Your child will have the privilege of being the first student to check ou this special book, and keep it for two weeks!  After the two-week period, the book should be returned, as it will become part of our library collection.  What a great way to leave a legacy for our Skipwith learning community in your child’s honor.