Student’s Research Project is Recognized at H21!

Student’s Research Project is Recognized at H21!


Earlier this year 3rd grade students conducted a research project in the library. First, they reflected on a previous animal research project. Then, they learned a little about the environment and more specifically, the James River. Students read information facts about some negative human influences on the James River. We then gave them the task of discovering through their research some possible solutions to help save the James River. Students were then able to take the research facts and information to create a dynamic google slideshow demonstrating how we can help save endangered animals and plants in or around the James River. Christian, a 3rd grade student in Ms. Marion’s class did an excellent job with this project and was honored on May 24th at the Henrico 21 technology celebration of amazing students and teachers. Christian showcased his slideshow and described the research process to many students and adults at the technology fair. I (Mrs. Tinsley, Librarian) would like to thank all of the 3rd grade teachers for their participation and collaboration on this collaborative research project!

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