Oct 12

Saving Fred, Jamming to Place Value, and Molding Readers

And, another busy week is behind us!  This week, our reading focus was on questioning, and how this helps us become better readers.  Students learned about “thin” vs.”thick” questions, and which types of questioning will help us become more involved in the text.  To introduce this objective, each of the students were given a small ball of play-doh, with  no directions at first, and then slowly Ms. Crenshaw gave them simple directions, providing no “specifics,” and I recorded their questions.  We then took a look at the Before/During/After Reading chart, and noticed that we had a lot more questions “during,” the activity.

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In math we’ve been focused on place value.  It’s a big unit, with a lot to learn, so we will spend some time on it to make sure that students can truly grasp it.  This unit covers everything from using vocabulary like “digit” vs. “number,” to understanding the value of each digit in a number, and how to write the number in standard, word, and expanded form.  Next up, we’ll be working on rounding to the nearest ten, hundred, and thousand.  We decided to do a “sing-off” with our place value song, and as you can see, there’s never a dull moment in room 16!



We started work on our BIG projec this week.  Mr. C came in, and students worked in pairs on the iPads to identify consumers/producers and predator/prey relationships.  We furthered our exploration of animal relationships and adaptations in class, and on Thursday and Friday we started the first part of our animal research.  Students used an online encyclopedia to explore different classes of animals in order to make their selection.  Next, they gathered information and recorded it on a graphic organizer.  Can’t wait until next week when we start all the fun stuff!

This week’s Work Together Wednesday Challenge was our most challenging of all so far.  This week student had to “Save Fred.”  Fred’s boat was capsized, leaving his life saver under the boat.  Student were able to use 4 paper clips per group to get Sam safely into the life saver, without falling into the ocean, and without using their hands.A couple of groups were successful in the final seconds, but at the very last millisecond, Fred was dropped!


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