Sep 26

Fun Run and Line Plots and Reading, Oh MY!

I didn’t get to post any photos of a Wednesday Challenge because we weren’t in school on Wednesday due to the UCI Race happening here in Richmond.  But, don’t fret, we’ll be back on Wednesday with details on the next challenge!

It’s been a BUSY first few weeks of school, and all the kiddos are adapting to new routines, expectations, and all the demands third grade presents them with!  We will be using the computers a lot in room 16–but not just to play games and draw pictures.  Third graders will access kid-friendly research sites to learn about different topics in class, create Google Slides to go with reading and content vocabulary, book reports, and so much more.  Their first experience using Google Classroom, a site I’ll use often to provide the project materials to the students, was last week.  I found an easy read web-site with information on Guinea Pigs and had students answer questions on a Google Form.

Students used Google Classroom to complete a Google Form about Guinea Pigs

Leading up to Thursday’s Fun Run, the Apex guys made their way into classrooms.  Not only did Power Up Pat hand out the much anticipated prizes and alert us of our progress, he also delivered a little motivational mini lesson each day, getting the kids “PUMPED UP” for the day.  Power Up Pat made us part of the dream team by teaching students to Dive In, be Resourceful, Elevate others, have an Attitude check, and to Make a difference.  I was out on the track giving high fives, marking bags, and keeping an eye on my very excited and determined kiddos, so I didn’t get any pictures of the actual run, but I was able to capture one before they hit the track, as well as during some of our lessons with Power Up Pat.

apex collageCan you believe there’s still more?  In addition to all this fun, we’ve done a lot of learning.  We’ve been talking about rules and laws, why we have them, and who makes them.  Kids have learned that citizens have the right to do what makes them happy…yes, anything, but that with any choice, there can be rewards and/or consequences.  In math we’ve been working on analyzing data using graphs.  New this year is the line plot graph, which is often tricky for third graders as it’s a graph of “numbers of numbers.”  We’ll continue to visit this SOL as we move through the year.  Students also had a chance to use the Tumble Books Library (easy access while at school using the county network).  This is a great resource as it allows the kids a chance to search for and find a book based on topic, genre, or level, and have it read aloud, WITH illustrations.  I have NEVER seen my room so quiet, needless to say, we’ll be using this site again!

tumble books and lineplotsWe’re off to a super start in third grade, and the class of 2025 ROCKS!  Stay tuned for continued updates on what we’re dong in class!


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