May 27

Celebrate Good Times!

We have been looking forward to tonight for a LONG time now.  Tonight is the Henrico 21 Awards Ceremony, and most importantly the Student 21 Fair, where selected students are chosen to showcase their 21st century work. While all of the kiddos created spectacular projects, only one “group” can be selected as our Student 21 winners to represent Crestview.  But all are invited to come check us out tonight at Glen Allen High School for the Student Fair at 5:15

Henrico 21 Invitation 2_2015

That said, once the kids found out we had to decorate a table to showcase their work, it was all hands on deck!  Their creativity and commitment to getting a job done is inspiring, and it’s one of the MANY things that I absolutely adore about them.  They measured and cut FEET of paper, painted, created, redesigned, colored…you name it, and I can’t wait to get the table all set up so their hard work can be fully realized!





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