Life With Triple X Jessica Lim-Wilson and Cole Childress



Life With Triple X

Jessica Lim-Wilson and Cole Childress

Triple X affects 10% of all females. Living with Triple X is not life threatening, however, it does have side effects. Girls born with triple X will possibly have learning disabilities, slow developing, dyslexia, tall, small head, delayed motor skills, and a smaller IQ. These symptoms are not always evident in cases of triple X.
A friend of mine recently told me that they had triple X. She explained that her learning disabilities were a result of triple X. She also explained the process of how she found out about this chromosomal mutation. To be diagnosed she had to be tested first by getting a blood sample taken and there be a chromosomal analysis. She told me how her parents had been so worried and anxious while waiting for the results. When they were informed of how she had triple X she feared her life would never be normal again. However, she now says that in some ways it has affected her life positively. Living with Triple X has it’s hardships, but she has worked a long way to overcome them. She has learning disabilities and receives proper care for them like tutoring and a little extra help from her teachers. She said that even though it is considered a mutation she believes it’s a blessing in disguise because it has brought her and her family closer and she’s closer with her friends with whom she confides in with.
Living with Triple X may be difficult, but she makes it look so easy. There is no real medical treatment for it and she will have it for the rest of her life. Many people who have had it though, have grown to prospering people with families. The mutation is not hereditary and can not be passed down by mother or father, but happened because of an error in cell division called nondisjunction.

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  1. This had a good discription of the disease and a nice storyline. You could include treatment centers in the post too.

  2. I think that this is a quality post and story. All of the facts and information were very good and detailed. You could have started with the story to hook the reader in and keep them informed with the facts in the middle. Overall, good job.

  3. The post was set up well and had the story blend in with all the facts nicely. It was also nice how you discussed the ways that the person affected by the disease was making do rather than just listing treatments. Just doing that made the post much more believable. The post is very good; however, many of the sentences are choppy and short. All the small sentences makes it feel like you’re reading a list despite all the story behind it.

  4. Good information and facts on Triple X. I liked how you talked about people being able to live a normal life with Triple X. I think that you should talk a little more about specifically how Triple X affected her life and what her symptoms were.

  5. This was a very good article. It explained the disease and its effects thoroughly with facts and statistics to back it up. However, I would recommend that you look through the post for grammatical errors (in whom she confides instead of with whom she confides in with, its instead of it’s, etc.)

  6. I really enjoyed reading this article because you explained what the disease was and who was affected. Also I liked how you had a story line but gave many facts. Good job!

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