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Alexa, Sydney, and Amanda Breast Cancer


Prostate Cancer: Jonathan, Andres, Connor, Brendan

prostate cancer

Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer

Annie, Sara, Grace, and Lily- Leukemia


Lung Cancer: Jake Hamby, Emilie Saksvig, Michelle Siewers


Skin Cancer Brochure – Tori Pollard, Rhyan Elliott, Brendan Fisher


Breast Cancer- Peyton White, Nathan Braine, Carly Orcutt

breastcancerpdf thCAABCBTXOur Project was based on Breast Cancer.


Sarah, Rachel, and Ellie

leukemia cancer

Sarah, Rachel, and Ellie


Kidney Cancer- Will H, Ryan R, Omar A, Abdul T.

We found information about Kidney Cancer and turned it into a brochure.

Kidney Cancer